About Tony Sprackett

President of the FCA since 2006.

Learn about Victoria’s Plan to Build Protected Bike Lanes

Victoria’s City Council will be considering the development of a series of protected bike lanes throughout the city. The development of protected bike lanes will require removing either a vehicle parking lane or a vehicle travel lane. Other implications include bicycle & pedestrian safety, dedicated street crossings, traffic volume & flow, and public transit. Learn [...]

Launch of the Vic High Soup Lunch with soup for 250+ students

Where: Vic High Kitchen, Victoria High School, 1260 Grant St, Victoria, BC When: Monday, February 29th. Chef teaching will be from 8:30am to Noon Goal: To build a self-sustaining community while teaching the basics of making nourishing, vegetarian and affordable soup by sharing resources. The Stone Soup Parable – Hungry Travellers come to a village [...]

Attend a Free Emergency Preparedness Workshop

VICTORIA, BC — The recent late-night earthquake near Victoria is a reminder that an earthquake can happen at any time. Victoria has a one in three probability of experiencing a damaging earthquake in the next 50 years, and your family needs to be prepared with enough food, water, medication and supplies to cope up to [...]

Support for Syrian Refugee Family: Fernwood / Fairfield Support Group

We are a small group of concerned residents who want to help bring a Syrian refugee family to Victoria, BC. The family we are sponsoring are a young couple with four small children. They have fled Syria and are currently in Turkey. As private sponsors, our group will be responsible for finding them a place [...]

Streetscape Improvements for North Park Village Proposed

Residents are being asked to participate in the second community event and have their say about options for new medians, crosswalks, banners, wider sidewalks and placemaking elements on Cook Street between Pandora and Caledonia. Community members are being asked to attend an open house to share their feedback on September 15 in Franklin Green Park [...]

Got ideas about Growing Food in the City?

Got ideas about ‘Growing Food in the City’? The City of Victoria is wanting to hear from you on how and where we should grow more food in our community. Have thoughts about community gardens? Where do you think they belong? Do you love to garden, but don’t currently have space? Would you like to [...]

VicPD launches new Bike Registry

VicPD has launched a new Bike Registry program as part of our work to help reduce bike theft in Victoria and Esquimalt. This year alone, we have seen nearly 400 bikes being reported stolen. Thanks to new measures initiated by our Crime Prevention Section, we have returned nearly 50% of those. This new registry will [...]

CFAX Interview on Fernwood

Check out this CFAX podcast of the Bruce Williams interview with FCA Land Use Committee Chair David Maxwell and FCA President Tony Sprackett, chatting about Fernwood, on Sunday, Feb. 9. The Fernwood segment starts at 34:30 of this SoundCloud podcast clip.