Board Minutes April 9 2014

Minutes of the Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting, April 09 2014.

Attendance: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Paul van Goozen, Richard Olafson, Bill McKechnie, Erik Kaye, Brad Slade, and Robbie Clarke.
Regrets: Clayton Jevne, Cam Millar, John Rooney, Laurie Rubin, Stephanie Hill, & Carlos Flores.
City Council Liaison: Councillor Geoff Young.
Guest: Al Gallupe.

1.    CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by President Tony Sprackett.

2.    Guest Speaker: Al Gallupe of the North Park Neighbourhood Association spoke about the current proposal by the Vancouver-based corporation Bosa to build a massive development on the old Saint Andrews School site (bounded by Pandora Avenue, Vancouver Street, Mason Street, and Franklin Green).  The NPNA concerns include the overall scale of the proposed complex, building heights, density, site coverage, walled-in character, setbacks, truck traffic access via Mason Street, impacts on greenways and bicycle routes, impacts on neighbouring properties, shading, lack of public access, and overall effects on the character of the surrounding North Park neighbourhood.

3.    MOTION – To accept the minutes of March 12, 2014 (Erik/Joanne).  Carried.

4.    President’s Report: Tony reported that the City has begun collecting solar energy data, with the aim of furthering the use of this form of energy in our community.  The Earthbound Garden matter from last month has been settled harmoniously.

5.    City Councillor’s Report: Geoff spoke about the governance issues regarding the Bosa proposal for the old Saint Andrews School site as he sees them, and commented on the Johnson Street Bridge project, the Capital Regional District sewage plan, and the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway.

6.    MOTION – To hold our Annual General Meeting on June 23, 2014 (Robbie/Erik).  Carried.

7.    Discussion: The AGM will include election of up to 11 positions, with 4 people continuing on for the second year of their terms.  The suggestion of rebalancing by running 3 positions as one-year terms and 8 positions as two-year terms was made.

8.    Announcement: Erik Kaye does not intend to run for the FCA Board at the AGM, as he is running for Victoria City Council in November.

9.    Office Report: Naomi Simpson submitted a written report.  The film company for the show “Gracepoint” has rented the hall on two occasions.  Joanne reported that two complaints from neighbours at Springwood Strata concerning the film company use of our parking lot were received and dealt with by Naomi.

10.    MOTION – That the Fernwood Community Association sponsor the 2014 1100-block Grant Street improvement grant application (Joanne/Erik).  Carried.

11.     MOTION – That the Fernwood Community Association support the North Park Neighbourhood Association position with respect to the proposed rezoning of the former Saint Andrews School site, bounded by Pandora Avenue, Vancouver Street, Mason Street, and Franklin Green (Robbie/Brad).  Withdrawn.

12.     Discussion: The feeling of the Board is that the Bosa proposal (old Saint Andrews School site) is a “wrong vision” that would establish a “wrong precedent”, and that the FCA should be “flat-out opposed”.

13.     MOTION – That the Fernwood Community Association opposes the St Andrews/Bosa development as proposed, and is concerned about the precedence of the unwanted impacts to the bordering North Park Neighbourhood (Brad/Joanne).  Carried.

14.     Treasurer’s Report: A written report was submitted.

15.     Building Committee: Paul gave written and oral reports.  Budget items and spending authority policies were discussed.  Further discussion aimed at clarifying the maintenance, repairs, and renovations systems will occur at the May Board meeting.  The budget for the new fence is approved.  A work party is being planned for the May long weekend.  A new parking lot sign, and space markings are to be installed shortly.

16.     Culture Committee: Richard announced another Charles Tidler playwrights’ workshop event at the Belfry Theatre on April 14, 2014 at 8pm.  Paul reported that Pandora Arts Collective has submitted its application for an Artist-in-Residence grant from the City, and thanked the FCA for our March 29, 2014 letter in support of this application.

17.     Communications Committee: Three estimates have been received for the job of renewing the website.  The Committee intends to bring a recommendation to the monthly Board meeting on June 11, 2014.

18.     Land Use Committee: No report.

19.     Safety Committee: Tony reported that Cam attended the recent Island Health/ Pembroke & Cook Good Neighbourhood Agreement meeting, and feels that the GNA process has been productive for the nearby residents.

20.     ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm.

-as recorded by R. Clarke.

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