Board Minutes December 2017


Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors Meeting Dec 13, 2017

Present: Tony Sprackett, Luranah Poulson, Stephanie Hill, Carlos Flores, Joanne Murray, Richard Olafson, Clayton Jevne, Dorothy Field, Laurie Rubin, Kristin Atwood, Kalen Harris.

Staff: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello, Renne Burford

City Councillor: Charlayne Thornton-Joe

Guests/Presenters: Lindsey Taylor (BC Transit), Aaron Parker (Principal Victoria High School), Ariel Guetta, Todd Litman, Denise Stocco (Walk On, Victoria)

Regrets: Mike Hill (City Staff Liaison)

Quorum Established: 7:01pm

Presentation 1: BC Transit
Guest Lindsey Taylor laid out preliminary 25-year local area BC Transit plan for Jubilee area. BC Transit is interested in developing a new major transit exchange near the Jubilee Hospital. Requested FCA help in recruiting residents to participate in future workshops and open houses for the purpose of developing this plan in more detail. The FCA agreed to promote said workshops and open houses in future.

Presentation 2: Walk On, Victoria
Guests Ariel Guetta, Todd Litman and Denise Stocco presented their initiative to develop a “pedestrian level of service mapping system”. This “walk-ability audit” would provide them with data for “grassroots gap analysis.” Requested FCA help in dissemination of their survey and systematic data collection. Board Members Kristin Atwood, Kalen Harris and Laurie Rubin volunteered to form a committee which will work with Walk on Victoria and return its recommendations to the Board of Directors.

1. Review of Agenda Motion to accept Agenda- MSC

2. Review of Minutes:  Sept 13, 2017
Motion to accept September Minutes- MSC

3. Announcements/Executive Report
President Tony Sprackett reported from the last VCAN meeting that the Boys and Girls Club will be re-opened. Voiced FCA position that when the facility is  re-opened, it should have the same level of ongoing community consultation and staff funding as it did in the past.

4. Land use
Executive Stephanie Hill reported possible re-zoning in the downtown core.

5. City Councillor’s report
Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe reported that the MyPlace shelter is running again, providing shelter to 40 persons, all of whom hail from the First Metropolitan Church Homeless Shelter. This is a change from last year, when residents hailed from tent city. Cots and partitions this year stand in the place of last year’s tents. Security procedure will be the same as it was last year, though at the moment all seems to be going well.

Councillor Thornton-Joe solicited feedback regarding the possible installation of speed gauge meters as a first step towards assessing viability of any potential traffic calming measures in Fernwood. Board asked Councillor if the proposed speed gauge meters collected data or not. Council will consult with Victoria PD and relay the information to FCA.

The City will include the cost of a path through Kings Park in its upcoming budget. This was delayed by a year due to no budget allocation.

Concern was voiced that downtown residents will lose input in downtown re-zoning procedures if CALUC hearings are rendered unnecessary or replaced by permit hearings.

6. Committee Reports

Building Committee:
The wiring project as championed by Theatre Inconnu has been postponed. Laurie Rubin has taped a piece of plastic packaging to the lighting project light switch in the FCA office, which should prevent it from being accidentally touched and reprogrammed.

Cultural Committee:
Clayton Jevne reports Inconnu Play Whiskey Fugue and Requiem will close on Saturday, December 16

Communications Committee:
Discussion about FCA’s wireless capability suggests further investigation is required. Naomi will explore with Shaw, as we think that service should already be included with our Shaw service.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Submitted

8. Office Report:
Thanks to painter Steve Aleck for painting the winter scene on FCA office window. Office tenants VIDEA (#5, #7) and Tom Burton (#2) are switching offices in January. The office will be closed from December 22-January 2 for Holidays. PACs will be returning to its Tuesday & Thursday schedule as of January 9. Garden renewals are coming up once again. Staff acknowledges the work of Claude Moreau and the Fernwood Community Garden co-ordinating group in communications with FCA staff.
Also happy to report upcoming bookings: The Wonderheads Mask Workshop (January 13, 14) and Farabundo Narti National Liberation Front film screening (December 17). Elections Canada has also approached FCA staff to rent the Paul Phillips Hall for a photo shoot.

9. New Business:
Vic Police Department:
Board member Kristen Atwood attended Vic Police Department consultation meeting. They are interested in building relations with neighbourhood associations. It was decided without objection that representatives of the Vic PD be invited to attend board meetings.
Gladstone and Belmont Stop Sign:
Board member Dorothy Field raised the subject that the intersection of Gladstone and Belmont Avenues has no stop sign. Councillor Thornton-Joe will look into this and provide advice to the Board.
One Vital Sign Project:
FCA Secretary & VS POP organizer Laurie Rubin and Vic High School Principal Aaron Parker presented on the One Vital Sign Project: a proposal to the Participatory Budget Steering Committee for a new digital sign to be granted Victoria High School. Requested a letter of endorsement from the FCA.
Motion: That the FCA provide a letter of endorsement on the One Vital Sign Project and circulate online voting info once available. MSC

Laurie Rubin, Kristin Atwood, & Kalen Harris will joining Tony Sprackett as VCAN FCA delegates. Joanne Murray is stepping back from the delegate position.

10. Adjournment: 8:39


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