Board Minutes February 11, 2015

Minutes of Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting February 11, 2015

Present: Dorothy, Tony, Stephanie, Joanne, Clayton, Carol, Bill, Paul, Richard, & Robbie.

[Regrets: Cam, John, Laurie, & Carlos.]     Office Co-ordinator: Naomi Simpson.

City Council Liaison: Charlayne Thornton-Joe.


  1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by President Tony Sprackett.
  2. MOTION – To accept the agenda (Robbie / Richard). Carried.
  3. MOTION – To accept the minutes of January 14, 2015 (Robbie / Joanne). Carried.
  4. Executive report: Tony spoke about letters to the City regarding safe streets and Fernwood Village planning, and a Feb 9 CFAX interview with David Maxwell and Tony.
  5. Land use: Stephanie reported on a preliminary meeting held to discuss a developer’s plans for Johnson St at Chambers St. Three old houses will be demolished. Neighbours are concerned about the proposed driveway access via Chambers rather than Johnson.
  6. Building: Stephanie discussed current maintenance and repair projects.
  7. City Council: Charlayne spoke generally about the ongoing problems of homelessness and addiction, and specifically about the 2013 traffic bylaw that leads the City planning department to place driveways for large developments onto quiet residential streets.
  8. Culture: Clayton announced the upcoming Theatre Inconnu play “Alien Creature”, written by Lynda Griffiths. Paul announced the new gallery show of photographic artwork by Tony Sprackett.
  9. Communications: Paul and Tony are still working on website improvements (ca).
  10. Safety: Tony will attend the next Pembroke St Good Neighbour Agreement meeting.
  11. Treasurer: Stephanie submitted current income statement and balance sheet.
  12. Office Coordinator: Naomi spoke about allotment gardens, upstairs maintenance, and Hall and Boardroom rentals ( Julian Cervello is relief Coordinator.
  13. New business: Carol, Stephanie, Laurie, and Robbie will meet to discuss the terms of reference of a personnel committee, and report back to the Board.
  14. New business: Joanne and Laurie will initiate a governance committee, to guide us in technical matters such as by-law changes, ongoing policies, and AGM planning.
  15. New business: The FCA logo and the catchphrase “Striving Toward Community Development” were discussed. More discussion will occur at the March meeting.
  16. New business: Dorothy proposed that we work with other community groups to “daylight” parts of the underground waterway known as Harris Creek, which flows north and west from Fernwood to Rock Bay. Potential partners include North Park, Quadra Hillside, Burnside Gorge, First Nations, the City, and the CRD. Joanne, Carol, Stephanie, and Dorothy will meet to discuss this proposal further.
  17. Discussion: Dorothy also spoke about the Fernwood Mapping Project, which will have printed maps available for purchase soon; and the potential idea of encouraging solar hot water through bulk-buying of solar panels.
  18. Announcement: Tony will invite Bharat Chandramouli from Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition to speak at our March 11, 2015 meeting.
  19. ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.     [as recorded by R. Clarke]


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