Board Minutes January 2018

Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors Meeting Jan 10, 2018

 Agenda: M/S/C

Review of Minutes: Dec 13, 2017
Deferred to February due to version control issues discovered

Announcements/Executive Report
VCan meeting on Jan 17th. Kalen, Tony and Laurie will attend.

Land use: No meeting took place in January, therefore no report

City Councillor’s report

  • First community meeting re My Place shelter yesterday. Ninety new individuals are given nightly shelter.
  • Police and neighbours report no problems, eke some improvement.
  • Motion to develop an easement at Cameron and North Park
  • Speed indicator display approved for placement in Fernwood.

City Hall Liaison Report

  • Submitted and posted to FCA website
  • Great Neigbourhood Grants approved including the Butterfly Polinator Project.
  • Looking toward more organizational support from City Hall with local area plan.
  • Decommissioned Wharf Street kiosk-type signs on offer to Fernwood.
  • Weekly neigbourhood cleaning party idea floated

Committee Reports
(a) Building  No report

(b) Cultural  Theatre Inconnu has started working on new play.

(c) Communications: Approximately 350 persons on our main email list.

Treasurer’s Report – submitted

Office Report- submitted

 Old Business:  One Vital Sign – status of voting update provided by Laurie Rubin. Keith McCallion of the Vic High Alumni Society advised FCA President that fundraising goal re their field has been achieved. They have since abandoned the idea of asking SD61 to sell off some of their properties.

Butterfly Project: Mike Hill, Victoria Emberly, & Tony Sprackett will meet with FCA office staff to set out terms of reference for responsibilities re this project

Adjournment 8:05

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