Board Minutes July 9 2014

Minutes of the Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting, July 09, 2014.


Attendance – Board Members: Tony Sprackett, Paul van Goozen, Laurie Rubin, Bill McKechnie, Carol Sokoloff, Brad Slade, Richard Olafson, and Robbie Clarke (minutes).

[Regrets: Clayton Jevne, Cam Millar, Joanne Murray, John Rooney, Carlos Flores, and Stephanie Hill.]     FCA Staff: Tannis Perry. [Regrets: Naomi Simpson.]

Council Liaison: Geoff Young.         Guests: Gary Jackson, Mark Logtenberg, and Deb Beaton-Smith.


  1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by president Tony Sprackett.
  2. Guest speakers: Gary Jackson (Capital Regional District) again spoke about the plan to replace three elm trees on Cook Street, across from Royal Athletic Park. Mark Logtenberg (Davey Tree Expert), a certified tree assessor, confirmed that the three trees need to be removed due to the risks. Four trees (a Gingko biloba, a Pin oak, a Japanese katsura, and a European hornbeam) are to be planted to replace the elms. (The large elm near to the corner of Cook and Pembroke is healthy, and will remain in place.) Tony suggested that the CRD should have a public meeting at the site – the Island Health complex on Pembroke Street – to consult the immediate neighbours about this plan.
  3. Guest speaker: Deb discussed the plans for the upcoming Rifflandia Festival, September 12 – 14, 2014 at Royal Athletic Park. Maximum sound level will be 90dB. Closing times on all three evenings at this venue will be 9pm.
  4. MOTION – To approve the agenda as amended (Brad / Richard). Carried.
  5. MOTION – To approve the minutes of June 11, 2014 (Robbie / Brad). Carried.
  6. President’s Report: Tony discussed the Community Associations Network, the city council public hearing on July 17 regarding speed limits, changes to the co-operative housing system, his comments to the Times-Colonist regarding King Park campers, and the proposal to re-name the building as “The Paul Phillips Building”. Carol expressed her view that the heritage name “Parfitt Building” should be maintained.
  7. Councillor’s Report: a) Regarding speed limit issues, Geoff suggests that there is general support for designating side streets 40km/hr. b) The small lot subdivision zoning category is causing concerns about good buildings on corner lots being targeted for demolition tactics. Rezoning approval strategy seems to include intentionally poor neighbourhood relations, such as lack of building and yard maintenance, renting to bad tenants, allowing buildings to remain empty, etc., which lead the neighbours to eventually see any kind of change as good. Allowing people to get re-zonings and profit through this kind of behaviour is a problem. c) Geoff is interested in community feedback on the issue of people camping in parks, and the suggestion by some that portable toilets be installed. Under the court judgement, the people camping in the parks overnight “must have the need to do so”, i.e. be homeless and without resources. Divergent views were expressed by Board members on this issue, and particularly the fate of King Park.
  8. Building Committee Report: a) Tony reported that the holes for the fence posts are now in place. A concern has been raised about access to and egress from the Cornerstone Building. b) Paul stated that parking lot lines are to be painted this Saturday. c) Paul is stepping down from his temporary role as building committee chairperson; Stephanie is the new chair.
  9. Communications Committee Report: Tony reported that “Imagine That” will re-design the FCA web site. Regarding the new federal anti-spam legislation, a clear “unsubscribe” option is available for people on our email list.
  10. Land Use Committee: No report.
  11. Safety Committee: No report.
  12. Treasurer’s Report: A written report was submitted, and will be discussed with the treasurer when she is in attendance at a Board Meeting.
  13. Meeting chairperson role given to Paul for the election.
  15. a) President – Tony Sprackett re-elected by acclamation.
  16. b) Vice-President – Joanne Murray re-elected by acclamation.
  17. c) Treasurer – Stephanie Hill re-elected by acclamation.
  18. d) Secretary – Robbie Clarke re-elected by acclamation.
  19. Tony re-assumed the chairperson role.
  20. Discussion of organization issues:
  21. a) the possibility of by-law revisions to ensure the circulation of positions on the executive committee, with the past-members of this committee remaining on the board as mentors. This will be an agenda item at the next board meeting.
  22. b) a possible Board “retreat”, to talk about our goals and how to achieve them.
  23. Office Report: a) Temporary administrator Tannis Perry reported that summer office hours are Wednesday and Thursday, 10am to 4pm. Naomi Simpson is currently on vacation, and will return to the position on August 15, 2014. Other issues were also discussed. b) Responding to a question from the board about the office administrator position, Tony re-affirmed that Naomi is the administrator and Tannis is the back-up administrator. Graham McDonald has resigned from the position. c) The consensus of the Board was that control of hall bookings is a function of our paid employee. Tony will ensure that this policy is being adhered to. d) The need for a personnel committee was discussed, and Carol offered to be a part of that proposed committee.
  24. Discussion of proposed speed reduction issues.
  25. MOTION – That the Fernwood Community Association supports a reduction of the speed limit on the section of Cook Street from Bay Street to Pandora Avenue from 50km/h to 40km/h (Bill / Robbie). Carried.
  26. MOTION – To change the regular start time for Board meetings from 7:00pm to 7:30pm (Carol / Robbie). Motion tabled until next meeting.
  27. Discussion of cancelling the August meeting: Consensus is not to meet in August.
  28. Culture Committee Report: Richard discussed the 40th anniversary event being planned for autumn. The benefits of increasing promotion of the hall were also discussed.
  29. MOTION – To adjourn the meeting at 9:10pm (Brad / Paul).   Carried.


– as recorded by R. Clarke.

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