Board Minutes, June 11 2014

Minutes of the Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting, June 11 2014.

Attendance: Tony Sprackett, Paul van Goozen, Clayton Jevne, Cam Millar, Laurie Rubin, Bill McKechnie, Erik Kaye, Brad Slade, Carlos Flores, and Robbie Clarke.

[Regrets: Richard Olafson, Joanne Murray, John Rooney, and Stephanie Hill.]

City Council Liaison: Councillor Geoff Young.   FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson.


  1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:07pm by President Tony Sprackett.
  2. City Councillor’s Report: Geoff spoke about accounting for the costs and benefits of community resources, measuring inputs and outputs. He also responded to questions about the Johnson Street Bridge project finances, and the current sewage treatment options.       The recent collapse of the regional district’s McLoughlin Point plan may mean individual sewage treatment facilities in each jurisdiction, with associated additional costs to the taxpayers. In his view, Trial Island – located 500 metres south of Oak Bay Municipality – would be very difficult to have approved as a sewage treatment site due to environmental concerns.
  3. MOTION – To approve the minutes for April 9, 2014 (Robbie/Cam).   Carried.
  4. President’s Report: a) “Party on the Plaza” (formerly the Vining Street Block Party) is planned for Sunday, September 7, 2014 at the Victoria High School plaza. Laurie is the contact person.   b) Illegitimate use of the FCA parking lot continues to be a concern, especially for our Springwood Strata neighbours. Different ways to address this problem were discussed, including a registry of legitimate vehicles (license plate record), a permit system, a chain across the lot at night, a deposit system, notices posted, messages left at the bars, and calling for tow-aways. A sub-committee of Naomi, Clayton, and Carlos will discuss the matter further and propose solutions.   c) Neighbourhood complaints were received concerning safety and nuisance issues at Spring Ridge Common, which is currently administered by the Fernwood Neighbourhood Resources Group Society. FNRGS intends to hold a public meeting for neighbourhood input on next steps.   d) Our Annual General Meeting is on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 7:00pm.
  5. Building Committee: Paul discussed the current issues, including maintenance and repair needs, difficulties in arranging for three estimates, and poor attendance at committee meetings. Carlos empathized, and also outlined upcoming plans for the parking lot. A subcommittee of Tony, Stephanie, Paul, Laurie, and Robbie will develop ways to address the current issues and report back.
  6. Culture Committee: a) Clayton reported on the recent Theatre Inconnu show run of the play “Antigone”, which averaged attendance of 30 people per show and had excellent reviews.   b) The “Creative Spaces” grant application was successful. For the sake of clarity, Theatre Inconnu will be the legal owner of the new lights, and will facilitate their use by the community.   c) Pandora Arts Collective and the FCA will be participating in the upcoming Fernfest and Fernwood Art Stroll events.
  7. Communications Committee: The Committee received estimates and recommends that we hire “Imagine That” to modernize the FCA website. This will include a revised content management system and the incorporation of social media.
  8. MOTION – To approve the expenditure of up to $2,000 to modernize the FCA website (Paul/Bill).   Carried.
  9. Land Use Committee: No report.
  10. Discussion: Bill reported on the work of the North Park Neighbourhood Association to improve “North Park Village” (Cook Street between Caledonia Street and Pandora Avenue and adjacent blocks).
  11. Safety Committee: Cam discussed the Good Neighbour Agreement between Island Health and the City around the IH facility at Pembroke Street and Cook Street.
  12. Office Report: Naomi reported on the following – a) an agreement amongst our upstairs tenants to share maintenance and cleaning responsibilities, and to look after recycling and garbage, all with an organized schedule.       b) a visit by the VHS Principal and Vice-Principal to inform the FCA about neighbourhood complaints that they have received concerning camping, noise, and garbage in Spring Ridge Common. c) contacts with the garbage truck driver using the Springwood Strata driveway for Cornerstone pick-ups. d) an allotment gardener being disrespectful. e) office hours to carry on over summer, shared between Tanis and Naomi.
  13. Treasurer’s Report: Report to be discussed with Treasurer when she is available at a Board Meeting.
  14. New Business: Tony handed Chairperson role to Paul.
  15. MOTION – To lobby the City of Victoria to name the building at 1921/1923 Fernwood Road the “Paul Phillips Building” (Tony/Carlos).   Carried.
  16. Chairperson role re-assumed by Tony.
  17. ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

-as recorded by R. Clarke.

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