Board Minutes June 2017

Fernwood Community Association  Board of Directors Meeting June 14, 2017

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Stephanie Hill, Laurie Rubin, Luranah Polson, Dorothy Field, Carlos Flores, Bill McKechnie, Clayton Jevne, Kristin Atwood, Kalen Harris

FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson

City of Victoria: Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Michael Hill

REGRETS: Richard Olafson, Carol Sokoloff

CALL TO ORDER: 7:05 pm Quorum established

Guest Presentation:

Jeremy Cardonna updated Board on campaign to petition City Hall to install traffic calming devices on 1300 block of Gladstone Ave and or or install stop signs at Stanley and Gladstone Ave. FCA letter of support by Tony awaiting notice from Jeremy that petition is complete.

Jeremy also discussed short term vacation rentals on Gladstone Ave becoming an issue for City of Victoria to take action on as rental housing is below 0.5 %.

1. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of Agenda as written.


2. Review of Minutes May 10, 2017

MOTION: Approval of Minutes as written.

3. Announcements/Executive Report:

President reiterates Board position that City Council should continue to send a Councillor liaison to community association meetings as there is an important and consistent role for them to play. VCAN letter to City to that effect from multiple associations is forthcoming.

4. Land Use: No Report.  Urban Village cooperative housing project on Chambers sold to investors for a 31 unit rental housing building.

5. City Councillor’s Report:

My Place closed at the end of May. Temporary residents found alternate housing. Concerns of neighbours addressed. It was agreed by all involved that it was a learning experience. The future of the Old Boys & Girls Club building will depend on whether it is to be part of City Council’s plan for a new Fire Hall. Housing the homeless remains a priority for City Council.

Licensing of Cannabis dispensaries continues with 200 metre separation of dispensaries part of guidelines.

Enforcement of no Smoking in Fernwood Square to be pursued by Island Health  and CRD and remains complaint driven.

6. City Hall Liaison Report: Mike Hill presented his report, which will be posted to FCA Website

Highlights: Completion of crosswalk at North Park is underway.

Great Neighbourhood Grants, the master plan for arts and culture and role of public engagement discussed. Citizens encouraged attending Canada 150 events downtown

7. Committee Reports:

a) Building Committee: No formal report

Carlos F will be replacing railing of outside rear ramp to FCA building mid-July.

Carpet cleaning of upstairs areas will be undertaken. Thank you to Carlos for taking this on.

b) Cultural Committee: Theatre Inconnu on summer hiatus

Communications Committee: It was noted that AGM notices were only emailed and that no hard copies were mailed. This was the stated default notification method, per last AGM. Hard copy notifications available for those who specifically request that, via the office.

8. Treasurer’s Report: Printed report available

Office computer to be upgraded. Tony will assist.

9. Office Report: Printed report available

Highlights; Garden plots all rented. EAT magazine to feature Community garden in Fernwood shots. Storefront window and exterior now lit up compliments of Vining St PARTY on the PLAZA-(VS PoP)

Little Fernwood Gallery (LFG) Curator Clive Beal will be stepping down.

MOTION: that a monthly stipend of $100 be paid to Curator of LFG, effective in June.


10. Old Business:

MOTION: that VS PoP is authorized to auction off FCA’s Paul Phillips Hall and Boardroom rental for Sept 10 Event with usual restrictions applying”. Laurie to consult with Administrator to ensure FCA requirements are in place.


11. New Business:

 Election of Executive Positions (1-year term):

President- Tony Sprackett acclaimed – no change

Vice President –Luranah Polson acclaimed- new

Secretary – Laurie Rubin acclaimed –no change

Treasurer-Stephanie Hill acclaimed –no change

 Members who have expressed interest in becoming board members Riga Godron, Kalen Harris, and Chris Stewart are invited to attend FCA’s July 12th Board meeting.

12. Adjournment: 9:00 pm

Next Board meeting Wed July 12

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