Board Minutes May 2017

Fernwood Community Association  Board of Directors Meeting MAY 10, 2017

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Laurie Rubin, Paul van Goozen, Dorothy Field, Richard Olafson, Luranah Polson,

FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello

City of Victoria: Michael Hill

REGRETS: Carlos Flores, Stephanie Hill, Clayton Jevne, Carol Sokoloff, Bill McKechnie, Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe

CALL TO ORDER: 7:07 pm. Quorum established

1. Guest Presentations:

Hannah Cardonna petitioned the FCA board on behalf of residents and businesses requesting City Hall install speed bumps or other traffic calming measures on Gladstone Ave 1300 block for reasons of children’s and pedestrian safety.

Hannah advised that City staff has previously rejected installing speed bumps.

Discussion followed.

MOTION: “The President of FCA is authorized to write a letter of support requesting City Council to look into traffic calming measures for Gladstone Ave.”


2. Mike Emme, Chair of the Pandora Arts Collective PAC) proposed that the FCA Board endorse a $5,000 PAC grant application to My Neighbourhood Grant Program of City of Victoria. A printed proposal titled “THE ARTISTS OF FERNWOOD INSIDE-OUT?” was distributed to the FCA Board.

Discussion followed. If the grant is successful the total cost of PAC project is estimated at $10,000. Participating artists of Fernwood will have an opportunity to showcase their work. It is also viewed as a way to enhance community.

It was noted that the FCA can and does endorse more than one neighbourhood proposal under this grant program.

MOTION: “The President of the FCA is authorized to write a letter in support of proposed project.”


3. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of Agenda as written.


4. Review of Minutes: Mar 8, 2017. There was no April Board meeting

MOTION: Approval of Minutes as written

5. Announcements/Executive Report:

President of FCA reported that he will attend final meeting of My Place Good Neighbour Agreement as temporary shelter set to close end of May.

President reported he attended Cook and Pembroke Good Neighbour  group’s regular meeting. Issues are being dealt with at they arise, with leadership being shows by the Block Watch team. Statistics re paraphernalia pickups provided by Society of Living Intravenous Drug Users (SOLID) show no alarming new trends.

Vice President of FCA reported on regular meeting of VCAN Early 2018 is when neighbourhood planning process expected to be unveiled by working group.

V-P reported City Council yet to determine whether City Councillors will continue attending community association board meetings or whether only City staff will attend. Clarification is expected in 6 months.

V-P reported that at VCAN meeting the question arose around what Victoria’s neighbourhood associations terms of reference might look like is in discussion.

At present community associations are structured differently with respect to their terms of reference particularly with reference to land use reflecting differing priorities and needs.

In order to move forward with developing new official neighbourhood plans. The process underway will take differing modes of operation into account.

Land Use Committee: No report

City Councillor’s Report: No report

City Hall Liaison Report: Michael Hill presented his report, posted to FCA website.

Committee Reports

a)Building: Director Paul van Goozen reported installation of emergency upstairs exit door almost complete. Signage to enhance safety to be added.

Common area upgraded. Quiet corner for counsellors established. Wheelchair accessibility to upstairs tenant area to be improve.

b) Cultural: Theatre Inconnu‘s Play Jocasta Regina opened to strong reviews. Play ends May

c) Communications: Nothing to report

10. Treasurer’s Report: Hard copy report provided

11. Office Report: Hard copy report from previous month presented.

Administrator reported that rental revenues are up significantly due to expanded use of Paul Philips Hall. FCA tenants and guests can sit more comfortably with acquisitions of newer chairs.

12. Old Business:

Director Laurie Rubin reported aesthetics of lighting project approved by members of Building Committee. Exterior Lighting including FCA sign and interior storefront window lighting scheduled to be installed Monday May 29 8-1 pm .Notice of any power disruption to be sent to building tenants.

Principal organizations behind this community lighting project -Vining Street PARTY on the PLAZA-VS PoP,  Fairfield  Electric, Fero LED lighting and Lush Eco Lawn and Gardens will all to be acknowledged on FCA’s website and by letter for their community spirit in contributing time, money materials and expertise towards this lighting project.

13. New Business: AGM

2 weeks’ notice containing draft Agenda and minutes from 2016 AGM will be sent out to FCA members announcing Annual General Meeting to take place Monday May 29 7 pm in Paul Philip’s Hall. FCA members are reminded to be in good standing one must have paid an annual membership fee of $ 5. Directors can pay at AGM

MOTION: “FCA Board authorizes payment of up to $50 to acquire refreshments for AGM”.Director Laurie Rubin agreed to take care of refreshments. Office staff will supply tea and coffee


14. Adjournment: 8:43pm

Next Board meeting Wed. June 21


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