Board Minutes Oct 12, 2016

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Stephanie Hill, Laurie Rubin, Paul Van Goozen, Dorothy Field, Richard Olafson, Luranah Polson.

FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson

City of Victoria: City Liaison Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe, City Staff Liaison Michael Hill

GUESTS: Clive Beal, Coordinator & Director Annemieke Holthius from the Little Fernwood Gallery

REGRETS: Carlos Flores, Bill McKechnie, Carol Sokoloff


#1 Review of Agenda:

#11New Business to be presented as first order of business (in order to accommodate Little Fernwood Gallery reps present)

MOTION: Approval of… M/S/C

#2 Review of Minutes Sept 14, 2106

MOTION: Approval of…M/S/C

#3 New Business:

The Board welcomed new member Luranah Polson

A draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Little Fernwood Gallery‘s guest representatives and the FCA was discussed.

Agreed that a committee representing the LFG and the FCA would draw up a final MOU. The Committee is mandated with establishing clear guidelines outlining the relationship between the LFG and FCA and all the users of the FCA’s Paul Philips Hall. Particular reference will be paid to establishing solutions to any issues raised such as access and hours.

#4 Announcements/Executive Report:

Pres and V-P continue to represent FCA at VCAN meetings held at City Hall. Meeting Nov 16 with guest speaker Brian Green – Sr. Planner, Community Planning, City of Victoria

Board expressed interest in presentation of PlaceSpeak online engagement tool. President to arrange.

Announcements made with respect to citizen engagement

  1. Learn how to host (and apply for a grant) a Living Streets event in 2017 by attending information sessions either Oct 20 6-8 pm @ 838 Fort St or Oct 23 1-3 pm @Lookout Lounge – Juan de Fuca Community Centre. FCA Director Laurie Rubin indicated he would attend a session and report back to FCA
  2. Learn how to access community gaming grants .Guest speaker David Sheach, ED BC Association of Charitable Gaming Fri Oct 21 2:30-4:30 pm @Burnside Gorge Community Centre.
  3. An external group has been formed to investigate feasibility of establishing a skateboard “park” location or locations in Fernwood. President has been invited and will attend, keeping Land Use Committee apprised.
  4. As stakeholders we are encouraged via FCA’s Land Use Committee to contribute to dialogue with City planners leading to the implementation of Local Area Plans. View Oct 14 edition of the Victoria News, pg A5, for an interview with the FCA President and Land Use Chair.
  5. My Place – City Council will be recommending extension of MY Place ‘s operation into spring to BC Housing authority

WestJet magazine Sept issue pg 18 e featured article on Fernwood.

#5 Land Use and Safety

No activity to report.

#6 City Councillor Report

Councillor Charlayne Thorton-Joe expanded upon City Council initiatives previously referenced in Executive announcements.

Preparations by the City are underway to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday throughout 2017. The first special: a New Year’s Day Celebration. A theme of indigenous reconciliation is part of planned events.

Please see Item #4 above for additional information discussed. The reader is referred to Mike Hill’s City Hall Liaison Report Oct 2016 Update on Fernwood entitled ”What is Happening in Your Neighbourhood? for specifics.

#7 City Hall Liaison Report.

Report is linked here.


City Council will provide leaf mulch to all 13 Victoria community gardens, but not delivery of same. Request made to City reps to make enquiries around that. What other items City council could offer is under review.

Neighbourhood associations  are invited to attend Thurs Oct 20 session at City Studio 742 Johnson St 3:30-5 pm to discuss city-wide wayfinding strategies that include envisioning improvements to amenities, signage, installing kiosks, upgrading historic neighbourhood walking tours, etc..(Director Bill McKechnie and President Tony Sprackett will attend)

Great Neighbourhood Grants

4 grants approved for Fernwood including FCA Director Dorothy Field‘s $4750 grant (Rock Bay Creek Revival) to ‘daylight’ Harris Pond (Corner of Stanley and Vining) Also notable is approval of a grant to improve Gladstone Mall/Fernwood Square by installing overhead lighting. In this regard Fernwood NRG Fundraiser scheduled for Nov 27 4-8:30 in the Square.

 Landlords The City is addressing issue of Fernwood landlords who are not in compliance with building bylaws.

#8 Committee Reports:

  1. Building: No report. Furnace and breakers will be serviced for winter.
  2. Cultural: No Report. Theatre Inconnu’s production of the Mating Dance of the Werewolf continues to Oct 15.
  3. Communications: No Report. The Committee is awaiting high-rez graphics of approved design.

#9 Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer presented financial statements

#10 Office Report:

        Hard copies distributed to Board. Building tenants and activities going on as normal

Office Mgr indicated office will be covered in her absence over the next 2 weeks.

Production of Alice’s Gift by Elizabeth Wagner will be staged in Paul Philips Hall      Nov 3,4, 5, 10,11,12

#11 Old Business:  List of those receiving neighbourhood grants published.

#12 New Business: Moved to #3 on Agenda.

#13 Adjournment:

Next Board meeting Nov 9 2016.

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