Board Minutes, September 10, 2014

Minutes of the Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting, September 10, 2014.

Attendance – Board Members: Tony Sprackett, Carol Sokoloff, Paul van Goozen, Laurie Rubin, John Rooney, Richard Olafson, Joanne Murray, Cam Millar, Bill McKechnie, Clayton Jevne, Stephanie Hill, and Robbie Clarke (minutes).

[Regrets: Brad Slade and Carlos Flores]     Council Liaison: Geoff Young. Guests: Lindsay Beal, Morgan Rhys-Tams, and Allan Gallupe.


  1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by president Tony Sprackett.
  2. Guest speakers: Lindsay and Morgan, from the Pandora Arts Collective, thanked the FCA for our ongoing support, and reported on their artist-in-residence project, which is aimed at documenting the work of the collective and the benefits of art.
  3. City Councillor’s Report: Geoff spoke about recent heritage house designations, the rezoning proposal at 1314 Pembroke Street, and the rezoning proposal at the old St Andrews School site.
  4. Building Committee: Stephanie and Tony spoke about potential meeting times for the committee, items needing to be transferred out, alarm system issues, and an injury report.
  5. Website: Paul spoke about the progress in setting up our redesigned website, and requested that all Directors provide comments to the Committee.       Using a system called WordPress, the site will allow easier editing and updating. Content of the site will be controlled by the Board.       The new website address is
  6. Guest speaker: Allan Gallupe, from the North Park Neighbourhood Association, spoke about recent events around the huge proposal by Bosa for the old St Andrews School site. The proponent seems to be recognizing the need to improve the project design. The nearby Mason Street Farm recently became more involved, expressing concern about the proposed design and pointing out their significance to the local economy (see
  7. Culture Committee: Richard reported on the well-attended poet’s cabaret that was recently held in the FCA Hall, and the upcoming open house event.       Clayton reported that the next Theatre Inconnu production, “Baby With the Bathwater”, will begin its run on October 1.
  8. Land Use Committee: Stephanie and Joanne commented on Fernwood NRG’s proposal to rezone the Fernwood Road properties at 2013 and 2017. Some see the current plan for three storey townhouses as out of scale with the neighbourhood.
  9. Good Neighbour Agreement: Cam reported that the neighbourhood around the Island Health facilities (Cook, Pembroke, & Cameron Streets) has been relatively problem-free.
  10. Spring Ridge Common: Fernwood NRG is holding a public meeting on September 24, at the Big Fernwood, 1240 Gladstone Avenue, to discuss the future of the Common.
  11. Discussion: a) The Community Associations Network is currently examining its role, with the aim of making its input to the City more effective. b) A representative of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition will be invited to speak at an upcoming Board meeting.
  12. MOTION – That the start time for monthly FCA Board of Directors meetings be changed from 7:00pm to 7:30pm (Robbie / Richard). Carried.
  13. City and School Board Elections: Tony will organize all-candidates events.
  14. Discussion: Carol requested that a monthly correspondence report be part of the agenda, and the Secretary (Robbie) agreed to provide such reports.
  15. ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm.         [as recorded by R. Clarke]

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