Board Minutes September 14, 2016


PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Laurie Rubin, Bill McKechnie, Paul Van Goozen, Richard Olafson, Clayton Jevne,

Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe

FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello

REGRETS: Stephanie Hill, Carol Sokoloff, Dorothy Fields, Carlos Flores, City Rep Mike Hill

CALL TO ORDER: 7:12 pm

# 1 Review of Agenda;

One addition #11 New Business added to Agenda: Discussion to Invite Luranah Polson to join FCA Board of Directors


# 2 Review of Minutes: July 13, 2016

One amendment, City Liaison Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe report amended Request by BC Housing Ministry to continue My Place til Nov 31, 2016 with request for additional extension of 4 months.

MOTION: Approval of Minutes as amended of FCA Board meeting July 13 2016.M/S/C

# 3 Announcements/Executive Report

VCAN- meeting Sept 21 5:30 pm at City Hall. Pres and V-P attending

Joint meeting (FCA) with NPNA-North Park Neighbourhood Association Oct. 5 7:00 pm and the City of Victoria at first Metropolitan Church. Meeting scheduled part of continued process to determine local planning process /new urban neighbourhood plan.

An informal group is building bicycles from scavenged parts for distribution to people that have had their bikes stolen. This group is interested in coming to present to the board. The board expressed interest. Group will contact President when ready to present.

# 4 Land Use-no report

# 5 City Councillor’s Report

Resulting from Charlayne Thornton Joe’s Report FCA Board asked to pass motion supporting the extension of My Place through winter months.

MOTION: that the FCA supports in principle an extension of MY Place through to March 2017   M/S/C/

 # 6 City Hall Liaison Report – Report was posted to FCA website.

# 7 Committee Reports:

 1. Building:

Carlos reported through Pres. that installation of hand-rails and repair of top landing (building interior) is completed. Much thanks to Carlos from the board.

Re-painting of white lines on parking spaces at rear of FCA building will proceed .The City will be requested through City Liaison Mike Hill to supply paint and equipment. Request outcome is pending.

2. Cultural:

Projection screen for Paul Philips Hall acquired and operational.

Thanks to Office staff for their assistance.

Theatre Inconnu’s production of the Mating Dance of the Werewolf previews Sept 27 and runs through to Oct 15. All are invited.

3. Communications: Nothing to report

4. Safety:

FCA continues to be part of a “Good Neighbour’s Agreement with Island Health and the City (re the Cook and Pembroke detox facilities and surrounding lands) regarding harm reduction and the continuing crisis surrounding fentanyl overdoses. Although Island Health is committed to opening a safe consumption site, the federal bureaucracy is ensnarling efforts to get up and running with a distribution site model in Victoria.

# 8 Treasurer’s Report:

Hard copy of report presented and is available through FCA Office.

# 9 Office Report:

Hard copy presented by Naomi Simpson and is available through the FCA Office.

Hall bookings who and when are available via FCA website calendar.

Keyed access, for whom and when did arise with respect to the operation of the Little Fernwood Gallery. To develop a policy and procedure on this topic will be discussed at a future Board meeting.

# 10 Old Business:

Paul Van Goozen Chair of Logo Design Committee presented final Logo designs.

Two options chosen with a tag line by the Committee presented for use on FCA letterhead banners, posters etc.. Discussion followed on merits of design. Boutique By Design will be contacted for final changes to Logo design to be presented at the next Board meeting for approval.

# 11 New Business:

MOTION: that Luranah Polson be invited to join the Board of FCA as a Director. If she wishes to continue, Luranah may stand for election at FCA’s AGM scheduled for May 2017.


# 12 Adjournment:

Next meeting Oct 19 2016

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