Daylighting The Stream & Streamwalks

See on our Projects page, information about Daylighting The Stream & scheduled stream walks. The steam, now culverted, rose in Fernwood and ran through what is now North Park, Quadra/Hillside, and Burnside/Gorge. On February 7, we walked the first half, starting at the Cornerstone and ending, temporarily, at the green space where Cook Street, Haultain, [...]

Attend a Free Emergency Preparedness Workshop

VICTORIA, BC — The recent late-night earthquake near Victoria is a reminder that an earthquake can happen at any time. Victoria has a one in three probability of experiencing a damaging earthquake in the next 50 years, and your family needs to be prepared with enough food, water, medication and supplies to cope up to [...]

New Page

We've added a new page to our menu. Here we will keep descriptions of Fernwood community projects that the FCA sponsors or supports. On that page now we have updated info on the Fernwood Community Map, and info on another project called Daylighting The Stream. Go to the Projects page for more detailed info.   [...]

Support for Syrian Refugee Family: Fernwood / Fairfield Support Group

We are a small group of concerned residents who want to help bring a Syrian refugee family to Victoria, BC. The family we are sponsoring are a young couple with four small children. They have fled Syria and are currently in Turkey. As private sponsors, our group will be responsible for finding them a place [...]

Spring Ridge Commons appeal for volunteers & donations.

Spring Ridge Commons is needing lots of TLC at this time. On-site effort is needed to tidy up several areas of the Commons to begin dealing with some major challenges (couch grass and other invasive plants). We would also like to make more progress in the north east section of the Commons by completing the [...]

Streetscape Improvements for North Park Village Proposed

Residents are being asked to participate in the second community event and have their say about options for new medians, crosswalks, banners, wider sidewalks and placemaking elements on Cook Street between Pandora and Caledonia. Community members are being asked to attend an open house to share their feedback on September 15 in Franklin Green Park [...]

Fernwood’s First Street Mandala!

On Saturday, August 22, Fernwoodians painted Fernwood's first street mandala on the pavement where Grant Street dead ends into Haegert Park, just past Vic High. The idea, inspired by the many mandalas painted in Portland, Oregon's neighbourhoods, arose in Fernwood about 7 years ago. At that time, calls went out for designs and Sue Hara's, [...]

Share Your Perspectives on Spring Ridge Commons

We, Amy Zidulka and Will Low, are professors from Royal Roads University who are seeking different perspectives on Spring Ridge Commons, so that we might create a teaching case that will allow students to think critically and creatively about sustainability issues, including issues of urban agriculture, how space is used within communities, and what different [...]