Daylighting The Stream & Streamwalks

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The steam, now culverted, rose in Fernwood and ran through what is now North Park, Quadra/Hillside, and Burnside/Gorge. On February 7, we walked the first half, starting at the Cornerstone and ending, temporarily, at the green space where Cook Street, Haultain, and Blackwood come together. Dan Doherty, our stream leader, pointed out how to figure out where the creek ran. We stopped and listened to it gurgling away in the storm drain.

On February 28th, we met at the same green triangle where Cook, Haultain and Blackwood meet to continue the walk. Dan being unavailable, we self-guided ourselves looking for the low spots in the streets that indicate where the stream flows or flowed, listening at storm drains, and checking our assumptions against several old maps. We finished the walk where Queens runs into Government Street. From there, a chainlink fence blocks access to the inner harbour, but we caught glimpses through the wire. An unlovely “restoration”, a rock wall and two culverts, is off limits. Rock Bay has been one of the most polluted stretches of water in the region. It is now under Songhees jurisdiction. Our hope, particularly as Rock Bay is a possible site for a sewage treatment facility, is to raise awareness of the Rock Bay watershed as a whole, and to stir interest in a true restoration, working with First Nations and the communities in the watershed, that would make all of us proud. If you are interested in taking part in this initiative or being notified of the next stream walk, please contact Dorothy <dotter (at) seaside (dot) net>.

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