Support for Syrian Refugee Family: Fernwood / Fairfield Support Group

We are a small group of concerned residents who want to help bring a Syrian refugee family to Victoria, BC. The family we are sponsoring are a young couple with four small children. They have fled Syria and are currently in Turkey.

As private sponsors, our group will be responsible for finding them a place to live, helping them navigate their new community and supporting them in managing the basics of life in Canada– accessing health care, enrolling the kids in school, learning a new language, seeking employment, and so on. We will also be responsible for supporting this family financially for their first year in Canada.

We have already raised a deposit of $15,000 which allows us to begin the application process. We have set a fundraising goal of $60,000 total- so we have $45,000 to go. Please help if you can!

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We are working with the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, who will issue tax receipts for all eligible donations.

About the Author:

President of the FCA since 2006.