Report of solar presentation Jan. 23 2019

On January 23rd, with the support of the FCA and the FNRG, Viridian Energy Co-operative and Salish Sea Renewable Energy Co-op (SSREC) presented the case for going solar with the considerable savings of bulk buying solar panels.

Tom Mommsen of SSREC opened by busting 3 myths: 1.That we don’t have enough sunshine. We do. 2. B.C. Hydro claims their power is 98% clean but this doesn’t account for the methane that are its by-products. In fact, solar is considerably cleaner. 3. Solar is too expensive. It’s not. With solar, there are no unforeseen rate hikes and no taxes. Current equipment lasts at least 35 years. As Hydro’s rates increase, solar savings increase in comparison. SSREC organizes the bulk buying. The bigger the bulk buy, the greater the savings.

Steve Unger of Viridian explained how, in simple terms, the solar panels collect the sun’s energy, an inverter converts DC energy from the panels to the AC energy used in your home. Your home uses that energy first. If you produce an energy surplus, it feeds back to BC Hydro. Your home draws down that surplus in darker seasons. Viridian does the technical evaluations and installations.

Risa Smith, also of SSREC, finished off speaking of how going solar builds community and keeps the economic benefits in the community. Going solar democratizes energy and enhances energy security. In the process, the return on your investment outstrips keeping your money in the bank.

So much more to say, but maybe this will whet your appetite. If you’d like to receive information on how to take part as this project unfolds, contact and/or Viridian at 1.888.386.0116.

Lots more info on SSREC website

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