FCA AGM June 18, 2015

Fernwood Community Association

Annual General Meeting, June 18 2015

CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by President Tony Sprackett, with approximately 30 members in attendance.

  1. MOTION – To approve the agenda (Laurie Rubin / Paul van Goozen).
  2. MOTION – To approve minutes of the last AGM, June 23 2014 (Robbie Clarke / Richard Olafson).
  3. President’s Report given by Tony Sprackett, and discussed.
  4. Treasurer’s Report, including budget for 2015 – 2016, given by Stephanie Hill and discussed.
  5. MOTION – To approve the Treasurer’s Report (Stephanie Hill / Joanne Murray).
  6. Building Committee Report given by Stephanie Hill, and discussed.
  7. Culture Committee Report given by Richard Olafson, and discussed.
  8. Land Use Committee Report given by David Maxwell, and discussed.
  9. Tony passed the meeting chairperson role to David Maxwell for purposes of the election.
  10. ELECTION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS (two-year terms) – The FCA By-laws provide for a Board of Directors of up to fifteen members. Ten members were elected last year, and four carried over for the second year of their terms.  During the year, one Board Member resigned (Brad Slade), and one interim Board Member was appointed (Dorothy Field).  This means that up to six positions were available to be filled.  The following members were nominated and declared elected:

Clayton Jevne

Dorothy Field

Bill McKechnie

 [Note: Carlos Flores, Stephanie Hill, Joanne Murray, Richard Olafson, Laurie Rubin, Carol Sokoloff, Tony Sprackett, Paul van Goozen, and John Rooney are ongoing Board Members with one more year left on their two-year terms].

  1. David Maxwell turned the meeting chairperson role back to Tony Sprackett.
  2. Guest speakers Brenda McBain and Jen King from the Together Against Poverty Society spoke about their work for the community, including the Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project.
  3. MOTION – To hold next year’s AGM in early May, 2016 (Robbie Clarke / Richard Olafson).
  4. Tony Sprackett thanked all members for their participation, including past Board members Cam Millar, Brad Slade, and Robbie Clarke.
  5. MOTION – To adjourn the meeting at 7:50pm (Carol Sokoloff / Laurie Rubin).  Carried.

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