Board Minutes April 2018

Minutes of FCA Board of Directors Meeting April 11, 2018


PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Luranah Polson, Laurie Rubin, Dorothy Field, Kalen Harris, Richard Olafson, Clayton Jevne, Carlos Flores

City of Victoria City Liaison Councillor, Charlayne Thornton –Joe,  Community Development Coordinator, Mike Hill, Manager of Sustainable Transportation, Planning and Development, Sarah Webb

REGRETS: Joanne, Murray, Stephanie Hill, Kristin Atwood, Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello

GUESTS: Claude Moreau – Fernwood Allotment Garden

Call to Order: 7:10 pm                                                                Quorum established

1. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of Agenda as written with order of Agenda Items changed with Agenda #6 first order of business      M/S/C/

 2. Review of Board of Director Minutes from Mar 14 meeting:

MOTION: Approval of Board of Director Mar 14 minutes as written     M/S/C


a) Mike Hill, City Community Development Coordinator and Sarah Webb, City Manager of Sustainable Transportation, Planning and Development presented a detailed power point participatory budget information session.

An outline of the City’s complex budget process was presented focussing in on transportation with particular reference to Fernwood.

A Q & A session followed. Of particular relevance are the roles neighbourhood engagement and collaboration play in formulating draft budgets including for 2019.

Summing up we were advised that the needs of Fernwood residents is constantly under analysis to determine needed change and shift in priorities.

b) In this regard Board member Kalen Harris presented results of a walking tour of Fernwood that he and Kristin Atwood participated in.. Issues and obstacles facing pedestrian safety and mobility in Fernwood were listed. It was suggested that engineered solutions and behavioral changes are needed. A key factor is to motivate people to participate in finding innovative even inspirational outcomes.

c) Fernwood Community Garden spokesperson Claude Moreau spoke on the good outreach community work and budgetary needs of the gardeners. A full discussion will ensue when budget reviewed at the next Board meeting May 9.

3. Executive Report:


  1. a) April 18 open house on seismic upgrade and 3 options in gym at Vic High School with your participation in an on line survey encouraged
  2. b) Notice will be sent to membership re May 28 2018 Fernwood Community Association Annual General Meeting.

4. Land Use Committee:

Local area planning process- Tuesday April 17 7:00 pm meeting moved to Fernwood Community Centre gym 1240 Gladstone Ave chaired by David Maxwell. Board members will be asked to attend and to volunteer to assist as required..

 5. City Councillor’s Report:

Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe spoke to 3 City Council matters

a) New City Fire Hall- design and construction proceeding on land adjacent to Pacific Mazda on Johnson St .Determination on future use of existing fire hall and Boys and Girls Club building to be considered by City Council.

b) My Place-Boys and Girls Club building can now accommodate 46-48 temporary tenants (homeless people awaiting permanent housing) as more space freed up by utilizing 3rd floor

Tenants now part of meetings to resolve any complaints and issues as well as part of decision making process as to who new tenants admitted ought to be.

c) Rezoning of former Victoria Truth Centre 1201 Fort St& 1050 Pentrelew subject of a public hearing to be held 7:00 pm April 12 at City Hall .The key issue is the size or density of this development in a heritage neighbourhood.

7. Committee Reports:

  1. a) Building:

Board member Carlos Flores will volunteer to continue upgrades to interior (handrails) in June- July. Painting Boardroom interior and possibly some exteriors on the agenda

  1. b) Cultural:

Theatre Inconnu-Opening night – May 3 for play The Tenant Haymoivitch by Ariel Bronz

  1. c) Communications:

Notice of May 28AGM will go out to 327 FCA email subscribers and in hard copy to those who have requested that

8. Treasurers Report:

Printed report submitted. Copy on file at FCA Office

9. Office Report:

Printed report submitted. Copy on file at FCA Office

10. Old Business:

Written report on walk-ability in Fernwood by Board members Kalen Harris and Kristin Atwood submitted. Report highlighted pedestrian obstacles such as drainage, crosswalks, signage, bus shelters…Important that public become advocates to get change.

11. Business Arising:

a) Fernwood Community Garden Budget proposal on agenda for May 9 Board meeting

b) The Thingery (Please see Mar 14 minutes) needs a champion if this project is to locate in Fernwood.

c) Final Planning for May 28 AGM.

     Notification to be sent out to members

Standing for re-election Stephanie Hill, Laurie Rubin, Carlos Flores, Kalen Harris.

Current President Tony Sprackett indicated he will remain on Board but won’t be running for President.

Vice President Luranah Polson presented written resignation letter as she is moving out of Fernwood area

Board member Richard Olafson is not standing for re-election

12. New Business:

a) Victoria High School – 3 proposed options to seismic upgrade school are subject of ongoing public meetings /surveys. One Board member pointed out current proposals do not take into account the role of indigenous peoples or other legitimate options. FCA will continue to monitor citizen engagement process to determine if an independent forum should be established in future to allow public to further explore all options.
b) In order for FCA to be in compliance with New Societies Act by next November Board agreed to invite experts in governance to collaborate with Board .As a result Gordon Gunn has been invited to address Board at next meeting May 9.
c) Board member Dorothy Field attended opening of new learning farm on grounds of Victoria High School. Board agreed to send congratulatory letter in support of Imitative
d )Board member Carlos Flores informed Board that it is the 100th Anniversary of CUPE Local 50 .In order to celebrate occasion , the labour movement and worker rights working to get City that the City agree to host a picnic at Beacon Hill Park. Carlos suggested FCA have a booth at such an event.

13. Adjournment: 9:00 pm

 Next meeting Wed May 9 in the Boardroom

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