Board Minutes April 8, 2015

Minutes of Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting April 08, 2015
Present: Cam, Carlos, Laurie, Tony, Stephanie, Joanne, Clayton, Bill, Paul, & Robbie (minutes).

[Regrets: Dorothy, John, Richard & Carol.] City Council Liaison: Charlayne Thornton-Joe.
Office Co-ordinators: Naomi & Julian.
Land Use Committee Chairperson: David Maxwell.
Guests: Randi Falls, Marianne Alto, Stephen Portman, & David Lau.

1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by President Tony Sprackett.
2. Guest speakers: VHS School Principal Randi Falls & City Councillor Marianne Alto discussed the VHS Alumni / Bays United Soccer Club proposal for the Vic High track.
3. Vice-President Joanne Murray assumed meeting chairperson role, & Tony left the room.
4. Guest speakers: Stephen Portman (Together Against Poverty Society) & David Lau (Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Society) explained a proposal for 1240 Yates Street.
5. MOTION – That the Fernwood Community Association supports, in principle, the proposed use of the 1240 Yates Street building complex as a centre (“hub”) for non-profit service groups, subject to community consultation (Carlos / Cam). Carried.
6. An information poster regarding the Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project, which is administered by TAPS, will be placed in the office window.
7. Tony re-assumed the meeting chairperson role.
8. David Maxwell discussed the need for a city-driven planning process for central Fernwood.
9. Carlos outlined the report that he submitted regarding his recent solidarity visit to Chile. Noting similarities between our communities, he suggested future organization of a forum (via Skype) to build on these links.
10. MOTION – To accept the agenda (Cam / Paul). Carried.
11. President’s report: Tony discussed the recent Voices From Palestine Film Festival.
12. MOTION – To accept the minutes of March 11, 2015 (Robbie / Cam). Carried.
13. Land use: Neighbours of the proposed Chambers / Johnson re-development are unhappy.
14. MOTION – To support the proposed fundraiser for the victims of the recent fire on 1200-block Rudlin Street by allowing free use of Paul Phillips Hall for the event (Robbie/ Cam).
15. City Council: Charlayne spoke about neighbours’ concerns re Chambers / Johnson, the involvement of citizens in the City budget process, possible planning department changes, camping-in-parks issues, the availability of public toilets, marijuana businesses, and housing & homelessness problems.
16. Building Committee: Discussion included the new northeast fence, the arbor, & a Paul Phillips history sign to be placed in the Hall.
17. Safety: Cam attended the VicPD police board strategic planning meeting, which is aiming for a 5-year plan. Charlayne suggested that we invite Chief Constable Frank Elsner to speak at a meeting.
18. Governance: Joanne and Laurie reported that they are examining our By-Laws, & expect to eventually bring forward some recommendations.
19. Treasurer: Written income statement and balance sheet presented.
20. Office: Naomi reported that work on the Paul Phillips Hall database has begun.
21. Announcement: Laurie stated the first “Fernwood Market at the Vic High Plaza” will be held Friday, May 29, 4 – 8pm. They plan to hold weekly markets until September 4.
22. Logo contest: Paul spoke about the FCA Logo Contest, which will offer a $200 prize and be open for entries until June 30. The logistics of the contest were discussed.
23. ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 9:43pm.

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