Board Minutes, December 9, 2015

Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors monthly meeting – Minutes
December 9, 2015 – 7:30

Present: Joanne Murray, Dorothy Field, Paul van Goozen, Stephanie Hill, Carlos Flores, Laurie Rubin

Regrets: Tony Spracket, Clayton Jevne, Carol Sokoloff, Richard Olafson, Bill McKechnie

Staff: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello present

City Council Liaison: Charlayne Thornton-Joe; Guest: Deb from Rifflandia

Recorder: Dorothy (temporary)


Informal meeting before there was a quorum present:

Deb from Rifflandia spoke about 2015 Rifflandia: 208 bands, 8,000 audience capacity, 10 night venues, generally very successful. Idea that in future people who get a wristband a week ahead will receive discounts at specified Fernwood businesses. Suggestions that there be more portapotties and garbage cans outside the venue. Rifflandia 2016 will run from September 15-18

Joanne chaired the meeting.

Called to order 7:40 when we had a quorum:

Motion: to go back to 7 pm as starting time for monthly meetings as of January, with the proviso that this can be reconsidered if necessary M/S/C

Motion: Adoption of Minutes M/S/C

Motion: Approval of Agenda M/S/C

No President’s Report

Carlos’ Report: He will start painting upstairs in 1923 on December 15 with the help of a friend. He found brackets for the hand-railing. Hopes to paint the boardroom.

Carlos had to leave after his report so we no longer had a quorum.

Discussion of Logo: There are three designers / groups (Ezra Hornfield, Boutique by Design, and Janice Hildebrand) who may be interested in working on the logo. Paul will forward digital samples of their work to the board prior to the January meeting. At that meeting the board will look at the samples, consider the costs and decide who to hire.

Discussion of Bus Route #22: Joanne spoke to James Wadsworth, senior transit planner at BC Transit, who said that considering the closeness of the stops, the length of the route, and the existing schedule, it is likely that two stops will be eliminated. If anyone has concerns, they should contact him by the end of December.

Discussion: Joanne explained Clayton’s concerns to the City of Victoria re: confusion as to the new requirements under the Strategic Plan Grants Applications

Discussion: FNRG has put out a call for applications for the position of official paid steward of the Spring Ridge Commons which is designated as an unfenced permaculture garden. There is some concern that the Commons might be fenced so we should keep our eyes open as to their process

 Committee Reports

 No Treasurer’s Report

Land Use – Stephanie :

— Stephanie reported that when they get applications re: land use issues, their response is that they can’t approve anything that is too far from what the city has in place

— the land use committee is looking at a James Bay document that lists concerns applicants should be prepared to address as they prepare a parallel Fernwood document

— Biketoria is looking for more community input

Cultural — Paul

— the website now lists “Projects” as a new item on the menu. Some information on the Fernwood map, Stream walks, and the project of daylighting the stream is up.

Office Administrator – Naomi

–Naomi submitted a report. She also mentioned that the floors in the hall have not been stripped and waxed but they will be shortly.

— Naomi and Julian went on a field trip to the Chambers Street and Garden Street allotment gardens to see how things were going

— Naomi explained that people sometimes look on the on-line calendar and assume that days on which no activity is listed are automatically available for rental. In fact, when there are private events, these are not listed. Paul asked if Naomi could supply him with contact information for listed events so that he can add that to the website

Charlayne’s Report —

— The Fernwood Neighbourhood Plan will be updated between March 2017 and February 2018

— Springridge Commons: The lease for the garden is with the school board who give $3000 to the FNRG to manage it. The new steward will be in charge of volunteers. Improved communication between the NRG/steward and the gardeners would help things run more smoothly

–lights on Johnson Street – this issue has been resolved and better lighting will be installed

— Stanley residence – the house is not heritage designated or registered so the city can’t do anything. The hazmat people have been there and those concerns have been addressed.

— Haegart and Kings parks are now quiet since the homeless have moved to the Law Courts

A by-law to the effect that parks below a certain size can’t be used for camping may be

— Begbie/Shelbourne crosswalk – staff are aware of the safety issue and the enhanced crosswalk seems to be helping. This will be reviewed after the new 40k speed limit is in place.


The last part of the meeting was held in camera re: the issue of homelessness

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