Board Minutes, January 13, 2016

Present: Tony, Joanne, Laurie, Paul, Clayton, Dorothy, Bill, Stephanie, Laurie,
Charlayne (Councillor).
Regrets or absent: Richard, Carol

Order of Business:
1. Approval of agenda (moved by Paul, seconded by Dorothy).
-No new business added to agenda.

2. Fernwood Garden Report
-Paul Mabely, Allison Slater and Jim Simpson shared a presentation overview of their
submitted document, “Enhancing Our Green Space – Report on Year Five and the Next
Five Years? (which had been email distributed to all board members previously).
-The FCA was thanked for past support and the group looks forward to continued
positive association.
-Their monetary request from the FCA for 2016 is $1370, and a detailed list is available
with regard to how this amount is to be spent. General discussion among board members
demonstrated that it is too early to commit to an exact sum at this time as the FCA year end
is March 31, but Stephanie will approach 2016 budgeting with the knowledge of this
request. The question of board approval will need to be postponed till a later date.
-The FCA board expressed its appreciation and admiration for the work done by the
Garden committee and gardeners.
-Charlayne and others commented positively on how this work is part of the growth in
the urban gardening movement in Victoria.
-Tony suggested that the phrase “administered by the Fernwood Community Association”
be added to the report.
-Discussion among FCA board and Garden Group followed concerning the problem of
how to get gardeners to contribute more equally to the organized work parties and annual
meeting. The approach that seemed least confrontational would be to add an hour or so
to required task hours and then allow gardeners to reduce their task hours by attending a
work party or the annual meeting.
-Allison, Jim and Paul were thanked for their presentation. Jim and Alison left and Paul
remained for the duration of the board meeting.

3. Review of last board meeting minutes.
-Acceptance of minutes is moved and carried.

4. Announcements/President’s Report from Tony
-Re: Yates Street Boys and Girls Club homeless shelter topic:
Tony, Joanne, and David Maxwell attended meeting with the City on Dec 30.
Modifications to the Neighbourhood Agreement were suggested but have not been signed
off yet. Another meeting will take place at 2pm on January 14th with neighbours who are
in close proximity to the shelter. It is hoped that the modifications can be signed off at
the meeting following the January 14th meeting. Tony spoke to the issue on CFAX on
January 4th.
Charlayne: the December 30th meeting was called so that the community would not have
to hear the news through the media first. At the meeting concerns were expressed by
neighbours about safety and process. The January 12th meeting involved PAC members
and the school board, as well as a Rep from Our Place. The School expressed concerns
that the City was not aware of. Overall, staffing at the Boys and Girls Club has been very
good. Residents have been brought in gradually and many have already been able to
effect positive changes in their lives. There is confidence that any problems with the
stakeholders in the community will be effectively addressed.
Tony: the Boys and Girls Club location has a four-month guarantee and the Fire Hall
preparedness is being fast –tracked.
-Re: VCAN meeting, January 12th.
Biketoria: Tony and Joanne attended, and Brad Cunnin. Biketoria won’t impact
Fernwood. However, there were considerable concerns expressed by representatives of
other communities, i.e.: James Bay and Fairfield, with regard to the loss of commercial
parking and how this will impact the local businesses.
Staff/Councillor/Community Association relationships: Other community associations
expressed concern over Katie Hamilton’s Department going to City council without prior
consultation with the communities with a proposal on staffing changes and the interaction
with community associations. It has been suggested that each community association be
assigned a city staffer so that concerns can be heard directly; rather than the council rep
having to report them second hand to city staff.
-A discussion around this issue (following Tony’s report) with Charlayne indicated that
more options need to be available; such as leaving it to the associations as to whether or
not they’d like as staff person to attend. Pros and cons were discussed. A letter will be
sent to the City on this topic, and we will wait to see what the response is but agreed to
proceed with having a city staffer attend first part of each meeting for a trial period of 3
-Walk On Victoria may be able to provide beneficial advocacy in support of crosswalk
and other pedestrian safety initiatives.

5. Appreciation was expressed towards Carlos and Gabriel for their wonderful work on
painting, up-grading, etc. at 1921 Fernwood Road. Bravo!

6. Land Use Meeting: nothing to report that hadn’t been covered in the above

7. City Councilor’s Report (Charlayne Thorton-Joe).
-No concerns have been reported on the campers at Kings. The Tent City by the Law
Courts and going elsewhere to seek dry shelter, have probably taken care of that for now.
-General discussion occurred around crosswalk concerns: Belmont, Vining, and Johnson.

8. Building Committee: meeting will take place this coming Tuesday, January 19.

9. Fernwood Market
Laurie: A proposal was sent out to board members. Last year’s inaugural market was
self-sustaining, with enough merchants paying sufficient fees to cover costs. Twenty-two
vendors are what are needed to make it viable. However, attendance was not what it
could have been. Infrastructure is already in place, thanks to the Vining Street party.
Laurie suggested that the FCA could play a role in administering the market; optimally in
a three-way partnership that would also involve the FNRG and the Vining Street Party.
Previous assistance has also come from Oaklands and James Bay Market coordinators,
and Larson Music has donated sound equipment. Laurie suggested that honourariums
could give an incentive for administrative help, as well as cover costs of entertainment
for the market.
-The general board feeling is that the Market is an excellent idea, but that it does need to
be done in partnership. Concerns were expressed re FCA ability to generate volunteer
base to run it. Laurie will apprise FCA of other community interest as it develops.

10. Cultural Report
Clayton: Theatre Inconnu’s December production of Spit Delaney’s Island was very
successful, with local appeal due to the subject matter and writers. Currently rehearsals
are underway for the next production, Bad Jews: Feb 16 – March 5.

11. New Logo
A quick vote revealed that the majority of board members favoured a new logo. Paul
presented the names of two graphic designers: Kim Timothy from Boutique by Design
and Ezra Hornfield (of whose work we were shown examples). After discussion it was
decided that a committee be formed to choose between these two designers. The
committee will consist of: Joanne, Dorothy, Paul, Laurie, and Bill.

12. Meeting adjourned.

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