Board Minutes January 14, 2015

Minutes of Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting January 14, 2015

Present: Dorothy, John, Tony, Stephanie, Joanne, Clayton, Bill, Paul van Goozen, Cam, Carlos, Laurie, & Robbie.       

[Regrets: Carol & Richard.]

City Council Liaison: Geoff Young.

Guests: Linda Chan, Sean Newberry, Paul Mably, & Michaela Louie.

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by President Tony Sprackett.
  2. Guest speakers, Friends of Spring Ridge Common: Linda and Sean discussed current issues facing the Common, including concerns that valuable permaculture plants are being smothered with mulch. Tony has agreed to speak with Lee Herrin of NRG on the matter.
  3. Guest speakers, Fernwood Community Garden: Paul M and Michaela presented “Growing Our Green Space”, a detailed written report of 2014 accomplishments, and 2015 plans. In addition to the FCA, they acknowledged generous support from Pedal-to-Petal, Slegg Lumber, Wes-Tech Irrigation, and MacNutt Enterprises.
  4. MOTION – To approve the request from the Fernwood Community Garden Coordinating Group for a 2015 budget of $711 to continue improving our allotment gardens on Chambers Street as proposed in the “Growing Our Green Space” document (Cam / John). Carried.
  5. MOTION – To accept the minutes of December 10, 2014 (Robbie / Cam). Carried.
  6. Correspondence: Joanne reported that she sent a letter to the City to thank them for the recent improvements made to Alexander Park.
  7. Vice-President Joanne Murray assumed the meeting chairperson role.
  8. MOTION – The FCA will lobby the City of Victoria to make Safe Streets and Active Transportation high priorities for this term by: a) Improving cyclability and cycling infrastructure, including completion of the cycling network, b) Improving walkability and pedestrian infrastructure, c) More traffic calming measures, d) Reducing automobile traffic volume by providing better options for getting people out of cars and onto sidewalks, bikes, and busses, e) Increasing traffic enforcement and education, f) Providing sufficient budget to achieve these measures, g) Facilitating a participatory neighbourhood approach to solving transportation challenges with City staff (Tony / Cam). Carried.
  9. MOTION – The FCA encourages the City of Victoria to proceed expeditiously with remediation of the Crystal Pool, with the existing 50 metre pool size remaining intact, and improvements to the facility to help bring it up to par with other recreation centres in the CRD (Tony / Carlos). Carried.
  10. MOTION – That the top two priorities of the FCA be the Community Plan and the Crystal Pool (Tony / Cam). Carried.
  11. Tony re-assumed the meeting chairperson role.
  12. City Councillor’s Report: Geoff discussed the neighbourhood liaison role of two-way communication between City Council and the communities. The Board thanked Geoff for his service as our liaison over the past three years.
  13. Building Committee: Stephanie and Carlos reported that the painting work in the common areas of the upstairs is two thirds complete. Other repairs included the back door lock. The idea of replacing the mailboxes for the upstairs offices was raised.
  14. Culture Committee: a) Clayton discussed the recent success of the Theatre Inconnu play “Alice”, and the theatre company’s upcoming plans. “Alien Creature”, by Linda Griffiths, is set to begin its 3-week run on February 17, 2015. b) Paul v requested the allocation of additional storage space for little fernwood gallery art shows during the changeover periods. This matter was referred to the Building Committee.
  15. Communication Committee: Paul v invites people to send him event notices for posting on our website. Tony reported that the website is not currently compatible with iPads. Paul v will try to have this problem resolved by the designer.
  16. Treasurer’s Report: Income statement and Balance sheet received.
  17. MOTION – To write to the City of Victoria to request that they hold a design charrette before the planned road improvements to Cook Street between Pandora Avenue and Caledonia Street take place (Bill / Carlos). Carried.
  18. Discussion: Possibility of two new standing committees for Personnel and Governance. Copies of the current office worker job description will be sent out to all members of the Board.
  19. Discussion: Laurie reported that Springwood Strata recently held a special general meeting in Paul Phillips Hall.
  20. ADJOURNMENT – To adjourn the meeting at 9:17pm (John / Laurie). Carried.







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