Board Minutes January 2017

Fernwood Community Association  Board of Directors Meeting January 11, 2017

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Laurie Rubin, Dorothy Field, Clayton Jevne, Carol Sokoloff, Richard Olafson, Luranah Polson, Bill McKechnie

FCA Staff: Renee Burford

City of Victoria: City Liaison Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe, City Staff Liaison Michael Hill

REGRETS: Carlos Flores, Stephanie Hill, Paul Van Goozen

GUESTS: Claude Moreau, Bernedette Letchford –Members of the FCG Fernwood Community Garden Co-ordinating Group

CALL TO ORDER 7:05 pm.  Quorum established

1. Review of Agenda: MOTION: Approval of… M/S/C

2. Review of Minutes: Nov9, 2016

  • 3 Amendments accepted:
  1. Pg. 1 Para 4 Board of Director Luranah’ s last name amended to read correctly as Polson
  2. Pg. 1 #3 Executive Report Para 3 Line 1“supervised safe consumption sites” amended to read “supervised consumption sites” the word “safe” deleted
  3. Pg.1 Para 3 Line 2 amended to read Victoria only “in Fernwood” deleted

MOTION: Approval of Minutes with amendments. M/S/C

3. Guest Presentation:

The FCG (Fernwood Community Garden) coordinating group members Claude Moreau and Bernedette Letchford presented and distributed copies of their annual report. (On file at FCA office)

Highlights: included Budget for 2017, projected improvements to garden lots and structures, security to mitigate theft of tools and produce, promotion of concept of “grow a row” dedicated to providing fresh produce to organizations such as Our Place.

Budget request of $1,550 approve

4. Announcements/Executive Report

  1. Attended regular Good neighbourhood Agreement meetings Jan 10/2017. With respect to Cook and Pembroke site -no problems reported
  2. My Place (Yates) Management with police cooperation dealing with continued complaints (re using and dealing) from one nearby neighbour. Term of current agreement expires March 31. Meanwhile 35 residents the (capacity is 40) continue to reside at My Place. Given that there is a waiting list of 250 people to access facilities like My Place
  3. Land Use Committee is considering whether or not they wish to incorporate Safety Committee.
  4. In preparation for FCA’s role in the Local Area Planning process a second mailing list was created on the Land Use Committee web page.

5. Land Use Committee:

No one in attendance due to Land Use Committee meeting being held concurrently with FCA Board meeting.

6. City Hall Liaison Report:

City Downtown Coordinator Michael Hill presented highlights from his January Fernwood Report, posted on FCA website

7. City Councillor’s Report:


Chinese New Year (the Year of the Rooster) coming Sunday Jan 29th.

 First Night Celebrations successful with grant from Canada’s 150th Fund .It may be repeated if funds can be secured.

Canada Day Celebrations July 1 2017 with federal funding will include Francophone and Aboriginal Day themes. See Spirit Committee website

City of Victoria’s Year of Reconciliation theme includes hiring an indigenous artist in residence for 1 year with a salary of $42,000.Position posted on City website.

First Hour Parking in downtown City parkades likely will continue to be free

Victoria House Assessments while increased 20%-50% our property taxes are projected to increase no more than 2.9%

City policing budget-request for 2 additional police officers  specifically to deal with those 1 of 4 calls which have a mental health component in conjunction with current  4 ACT teams(composed of health care professionals & front line workers)is to be decided by Council. ACT teams typically handle 70- 80 clients daily.

Downtown Resident’s Association is opening a Community Garden on Yates .They are eligible to receive free delivered mulch and a yet to be determined grant.

Truth Centre’s (Fort St) application for zoning approval for a high density mixed land use is up for Council consideration amidst residential concerns.

Earthquake preparedness –Reminder City offers workshops. Prepare to survive for 7 days.

8. Committee Reports:

  • Building: No Report
  • Cultural: Theatre Inconnu’s AD Clayton Jevne reported that Shockheaded Peter Production sold out most nights. In 2017, 4 Canadian plays will be presented as part of Canada’s 150TH The first play The Age of Arousal starts Feb 14-March 4. Theatre Inconnu’s AGM is Sunday Jan 29, 3:00 pm at Merlin Sun Home Theatre 1983 Fairfield Rd.-
  • Communications: Updates to Land Use page detailed in Executive Report.

9. Treasurer’s Report: No report. The absence of Treasurer Stephanie Hill was due to a scheduling conflict as she was attending a Land Use Committee meeting.

10. Office Report: (Verbal report)

Fire Inspection of Building completed with no problems.

Gardeners are encouraged to renew their garden plot fees ASAP as there is a limited number available.

11. Old Business –None

12. New Business-None

 13. Adjournment 8:15 pm

Next Board meeting Wed Feb 8





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