Board Minutes, July 13, 2016

Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors Meeting July 13, 2016


PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Laurie Rubin, Bill McKechnie, Paul Van Goozen, Carlos Flores, Dorothy Fields, Richard Olafson, Carol Sokoloff, Councillor Charlayne Thorton-Joe, City Rep Mike Hill

GUESTS: Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC) 3 members –Graham, Glenis and Ed

Rifflandia Producer & Community Outreach Coordinator – Deb Beaton Smith

Laura Trunkey, Luranah Poulson,  –Prospective Board members

REGRETS: Stephanie Hill, Clayton Jevne, FCA Staff, Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello.

Motion: – that Carlos Flores be reappointed to the FCA Board for a one year term. M/S/C.

Motion: Adoption of Minutes of FCA Board meeting of June 8.  M/S/C

Motion: Approval of Agenda (as amended) M/S/C

Presentation: 3 members of GVCC spoke to rationale as to why speed limit on Haultain Ave should be reduced from 50kph to 30 kph for benefit of cyclists pedestrians and motorists.

Direction:       Pres of  FCA asked by Board to work with the GVCC and Oaklands Community Association to ask the City of Victoria to consider adapting  traffic calming measures including changing speed limit on Haultain Ave.

Presentation: Deb B. Smith outlined musical venues, hours, acts, grants and use of wrist bands for 9TH Annual Rifflandia,- Sept 15-18 2016

TD Bank is sponsoring Music Counts’ which is directed towards Greater Victoria High Schools including Vic High. More than 17,000 visitors are expected in 2016 .See Rifflandia website for more details. Office is located at 1280 Douglas St.

Super Passes are available for Board members.

 Executive Report: Pres reported verbally

FCA presence at FernFest Sat June 18 resulted in 12 new memberships

Meetings with respect to VCAN My Place ongoing

City Councillor’s Liaison Report:

My Place – no new neighbourhood issues only occasional problems. BC Provincial Ministry of Housing has requested My Place continue to operate preferably through winter months of 2017. Decision pending …

Province purchased 2 buildings for affordable low barrier housing. Community meeting scheduled for July 19 in connection with this.

Tent City scheduled to be dismantled August 8.

Public hearing July 14 at City Hall to decide on development proposal for 1310 Gladstone Ave (Frernwood NRG)

Begbie Park renaming deadline extended to July 24.

Discussion followed on when official community plans will be updated and new master plan for Victoria will be unveiled.

City Hall Liaison Report-Mike Hill (Abridged Report available through FCA Office July 19)

Committee Reports:

 Building Committee, No written report. Electrical issues attended to. Carlos F reported FCA building handrails need to be replaced and exterior landing repaired.

Motion: That (FCA building) stairway handrails and the exterior landing be repaired to a cost of $1250. M/S/C

Cultural Committee-No written report (information contained in Office Report) Projection screen on order.

Communications Committee-No written report

Safety Committee– No written report

Treasurer’s Report-No written report but available from the office. Report will be available in September.

 Office Report – see written report.

Summary – Statistical data presented. Who rented Hall /Boardroom. How many attended shows and functions reported.

Old Business

Paul indicated The Logo Design Committee will meet before Sept to hopefully unveil a new logo design for FCA

New Business

Dorothy F recommended that ‘Begbie Green’ the name favoured by public input (via City website) become the official name for the renewed park space (formerly Begbie Park). Submission deadline July 24.

Carlos F will look into FCA being represented at the Vining St PARTY on the PLAZA’s Exhibitor/Vendor MARKET Sunday Sept 11 Noon – 6 pm. Volunteers are being recruited.


Next meeting Sept 14 7 pm.




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