Board Minutes July 8, 2015

Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting Minutes July 8, 2015
Present: Tony, Joanne, Richard, Carol, Laurie, Paul, Clayton, Dorothy, Bill
Regrets or absent: Charlayne (Councillor), Naomi (admin.), Stephanie, Carlos, John

Order of Business:
1. Approval of agenda
2. Previous minutes – not available for review
3. President’s report: Tony
– re. BOSA development, North Park
– VCan meeting re. neighbourhood plan updating,
– upcoming meeting with City re. updating plan
– Joanne has submitted grant application for $3000 for community gardens
4. Land Use report – none
5. City Councillor report – none
6. Committee reports
a) Building – message from Stephanie, upstairs painting in progress
b) Cultural
c) Communications (See 10.)
d) Safety – Tony volunteers to replace Cam as the FCA rep on the Island Health ‘Good
Neighbour’ committee
7. Treasurer’s report – Financial report from AGM June 18, 2015 presented (Treas. absent)
8.Office Report – Summer hours are 9 am – 12:30 pm Wed. – Friday
Summer temp, helping Naomi, is Renee Burford. Stephanie is overseeing.
9. Old Business: (see 10.)
10. Logo Contest- Paul presented results of the logo contest which drew two applicants and a late
submission. No design was deemed appropriate.
Motion: To adopt Paul’s logo as an interim design. M/S/C
(Task: Laurie will approach other Fernwood designers)
Motion: To offer logo contestants $25 each. M/S/C
11. New Business:
a) Motion: To suspend August Meeting: M/S/C
b) Board participation – concern was expressed re. a Board member who has not been present
for several meetings due to work out of town. Task: Tony will speak to this director. Discussion
on Board participation, attracting new board members.
Motion:A Board retreat will be planned for mid-to-late Septemebr to discuss community
activities. M/S/C
c) Motion: to appoint Dorothy Field to the FCA Board of Directors for a period of one year. M/S/C/
Meeting adjourned.
Minutes prepared by C. Sokoloff, director

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