Board Minutes March 11, 2015

Minutes of Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting March 11, 2015
Present: Laurie, Tony, Stephanie, Joanne, Clayton, Carol, Bill, Paul, Richard, & Robbie.    

[Regrets: Dorothy, Cam, John, & Carlos.] City Council Liaison: Charlayne Thornton-Joe.
Office Co-ordinators: Naomi Simpson & Julian Cervello.

1.    CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm by President Tony Sprackett.
2.    MOTION – To accept the agenda (Robbie / Richard).  Carried.
3.    MOTION – To accept the minutes of February 11, 2015 (Robbie / Paul).  Carried.
4.    President’s report: Tony spoke about the community associations network.
5.    Land use:  No committee meeting was required this month.
6.    City Council:  Charlayne spoke about city budget issues, including crosswalks.
7.    Building: Stephanie and Paul discussed routine issues, including painting.
8.    Culture:  Clayton reported on the recent Theatre Inconnu play “Alien Creature”.  The play featured Tannis Perry and was directed by Jocelyne Lamarche, both of whom are recent University of Victoria theatre graduates.  The play received warm reviews.  Paul announced little fernwood gallery’s photographic artwork show by Tony Sprackett.
9.    Communications:  Tony reported that website display problem has been resolved.  Paul requests that public event information be forwarded to him for posting on the site.
10.     MOTION – To hold a contest inviting graphic artists to design a new symbol for the FCA, with the winning entry to be awarded a prize of $200 (Joanne / Stephanie). Carried.
11.     Safety:  Tony attended the Pembroke Street Good Neighbour Agreement meeting.
12.     Treasurer:  Stephanie submitted current income statement and balance sheet.
13.     Office Coordinators:  Naomi and Julian informed us of the Fernwood Mapping Project event on March 22, 2015 to launch the new Fernwood Map.
14.     Discussion of hall rental rates: The regular rental rate is currently $50/hr, with more charges possible if personnel are needed for supervision or technical aid.  For “non-profits”, the coordinator has been allowed to exercise judgement in giving rental rate reductions.  The need for a written policy to cover this was expressed by some.  Details of the current rental rates and policies of similar venues will be collected, and a recommendation will be developed by the Building Committee.
15.     Discussion: There was consensus to improve our information database regarding hall events, including dates, types of activities, attendance, and comments about cultural, social, and community growth.  This will be assigned to the Office Coordinator.
16.     Discussion: Clayton spoke about Theatre Inconnu’s original agreement to voluntarily provide technical assistance (lighting, sound, curtains) to hall users wanting to use Inconnu’s equipment.  Tony stated that a renewed agreement will be negotiated with President Monique Cartesan and the Theatre Inconnu Board to cover this matter.
17.     Discussion: Laurie spoke about the proposed farmers’ market, and concerns about the fees required for the use of Victoria High School facilities.
18.     Discussion: Joanne reported on a matter concerning Earthbound Allotment Garden.
19.     Discussion: Carlos will report on the situation in Valparaiso, Chile at the April meeting.
20.     Discussion: Tony reported that Lee of NRG accepts the plan to extend the fence.
21.     Discussion: Paul said new signage for hall and gallery will be installed soon.
22.     ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.      [as recorded by R. Clarke]

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