Board Minutes March 2017

Fernwood Community Asssociation Board of Directors Meeting March 8, 2017

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Laurie Rubin, Dorothy Field, Clayton Jevne, Richard Olafson, Luranah Polson, Bill McKechnie Paul Van Goozen

FCA Staff: Julian Cervello

City of Victoria: City Liaison Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe,

REGRETS: Carlos Flores, Stephanie Hill, Carol Sokoloff

GUESTS: Eric Timmins, James Cook –Skate Board Advocacy Group

CALL TO ORDER 7:06 pm.  Quorum established

1. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of… M/S/C

2. Review of Minutes: Jan 11 2017

MOTION: Approval of Minutes as written M/S/C

3. Guest Presentation:

Skate Board Advocacy Group presented the need for a skate park in addition to the existing overcrowded Vic West one. Skate boarders require access to a dedicated park that provides an accessible safe learning environment while addressing noise, hours of operation, and security of surrounding neighbourhood. Potential future sites discussed were Crystal Pool, Topaz Park and Fairey Tech(Victoria High School)

MOTION: “That FCA support in principle the establishment of a skate board park as a recreation priority for City.”  M/S/C

4. Announcements/Executive Report:

All items will appear elsewhere in these minutes.

5. Land Use Committee:

Committee is meeting tonight Johnson and Chambers. Joanne & Tony attended large public meeting re Truth Centre property

6. City Counsellor’s Report:

My Place temporary shelter for the homeless has been extended by City until the end of May 2017. Currently there are 25 people housed at My Place. After that the former Super 8 Motel will be ready to receive My Place residents and others.

There is a fundraiser scheduled for March 24-25, Fri. 7-9 pm Sat. 1-3 pm at Restaurant Matisse (514 Yates St)featuring art by My Place residents.

Councillor noted there is a waiting list of 250 people needing housing. Moreover 1200 people in the region are experiencing homelessness.

City Council will continue to decide on Cannabis dispensary licenses on a case by case basis. A 200 metre buffer zone between dispensaries will be a licensing condition.

City Hall has selected the first indigenous artist in residence. She is Lindsay Delaronde of Iroquois Mohawk ancestry. The public is welcome to meet her Thurs March 16 5-7 pm.

7. City Hall Liaison Report: Mike Hill unavailable, but provided report via FCA website already.

8. Committee Reports:

  • Building:
  • Paul Van Goozen reports – Emergency exit door upstairs on tenants side needs replacing.  MOTION:” Expenditure of $ 825 plus tax to acquire and install fibreglass door “ M/S/C Common area on tenants’ side requires spruce-up. MOTION: “Expenditure of up to $400 “  M/S/C

9. Cultural:

Theatre Inconnu’s AD Clayton Jevne reported that play Age of Arousal (Feb 14-March 4.) seated 670 with average attendance 45 per show.

With respect to audience seating it was recommended that 20 chairs in Paul Philips Hall need to be replaced.  Laurie Rubin agreed to report on securing replacements (to be sourced through leads including Volunteer Victoria, Used Victoria, Craig’s List, Restore, Asset Management Disposal Corp, and Monk Office Supply …)

10. Communications: Nothing to report

11. Treasurer’s Report: Hard-copy report provided

12. Office Report: (Verbal Report)

  • Building rentals at full occupancy
  • Office staff is in negotiations with the Belfry Theatre to rent Hall for an upcoming Spark Festival play.

13. Old Business:

Bill McKechnie & Dorothy Field reported City Hall’s design and installation of new crosswalk at Cook St and North Park) is proceeding as part of plan to create a “village atmosphere’ extending from Caledonia to Pandora. Final design approval by FCA reps Dorothy, Bill, & Tony and North Park Community Association is pending.

FCA Executive and staff are still working with the Little Fernwood Gallery to update Memorandum of Understanding.

14. New Business:

  1. Bill McKechnie reported that the Fernwood Urban Village project is defunct and property has been sold to a group of investors. Land Use Committee is presently involved with these plans.
  2. Daylighting group in continuance of their work is meeting at the FCA Sat March 25.
  3. FCA’s Annual General Meeting will be scheduled for late May 2017.. A list of Officers and members of FCA standing for election will be circulated to the board.
  4. Laurie Rubin presented a Community Lighting Project offer on behalf of the Vining Street PARTY on the PLAZA –VS PoP. Namely to improve the look of the FCA building and to align with rest of Fernwood Square, the Belfry Theatre, the Fernwood Inn and the Cornerstone Café by installing lighting designed to illuminate the exterior top façade of the FCA including lighting the FCA’s sign as well as the interior of the 2 storefront windows facing Fernwood Rd.(1923 Fernwood Rd). The proposal is that the VS PoP will cover the first $750 of projected costs with the FCA responsible for covering up to $325 in additional costs.
    Preliminary quotes have been secured from 2 lighting company sources and 2 electrical firms. Given that lighting suppliers are prepared to provide lighting at cost or discount it is anticipated entire project should cost in the neighbourhood of $1075. The electricians involved also are prepared to do some work gratis.
    Sample lighting options will be presented to members of the FCA`s Building Committee for recommendations and approval.

MOTION: That the Board approves the expenditure of up to $325 in top up funds to compliment VS PoP`s donation (f750) with the Building Committee authorized to proceed with suitable (lighting) installation at their discretion with regard to esthetics. M/S/C

15. Adjournment 8:40 pm

Next Board meeting Wed April 12






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