Board Minutes March 2018

FCA Board of Directors Meeting March 14, 2018

PRESENT: Luranah Polson, Stephanie Hill, Laurie Rubin, Joanne Murray, Dorothy Field, Kristin Atwood

FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello

City of Victoria: City Liaison Councillor, Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Community Development Coordinator, Mike Hill

REGRETS: Tony Sprackett, Clayton Jevne, Kalen Harris, Carlos Flores, Richard Olafson

GUESTS: Chris Diplock, Co-Founder of The Thingery, Claude Moreau and Paul Huxtable of the Chambers St. Community Allotment Garden, Aaron Parker, Principal of Victoria High School.


Call to Order: 7:10pm          Quorum established

1. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of Agenda with the order of Items # 3 & 4 reversed  M/S/C


The Thingery

A video presentation with Chris Diplock Co-Founder) was followed by a Q & A Session.

To sum up, The Thingery serves the neighbourhoods by providing a container based lending library of things or resources .The Thingery currently operates 3 cooperatives in Vancouver and one in New Westminster BC.300 users are required to make it viable.  There are membership fees

Greater Victoria and Fernwood residents are invited to establish a Thingery. Neighbourhood community associations are prime sites on which to locate. For more information visit

Chambers St Community Allotment Garden

Claude Moreau and Paul Huxtable presented synopsis of Chamber St.’s 2017 season and the annual budget for 2018.

Highlights included number of working garden plots, cost of maintenance and repair of plots, enclosures, compost bins, tools and water stations.

In 2018 the replacement of old hardware wood fences will continue. Acquiring lumber building materials and improved security will cost in the vicinity of $1,000. Printed FCG 2018 Budget Proposal available at the FCA office.

Victoria High School (VHS) Aaron Parker – Principal of VHS spoke to the planned School District #61’s seismic upgrade options for the School and the accompanying community consultation process. There are 3 options being considered.

  1. Tear down existing school. Build a new 1,000 student school – estimate $50-60 Million.
  2. Seismic upgrade of existing school for 850 students – estimate $60-70 Million.
  3. Retain VHS’s exterior redo interior for 850 students – estimate $100-110 Million.

The FCA Board and both Fernwood and Greater Victoria communities were assured we would be consulted.

It was made clear decision making rests with the Superintendent and his officials of School District #61. But that community input would be a “significant factor.”

*The community is invited to weigh in through open houses, community consultation and an online survey. Input would be taken seriously.

Please visit website

Open houses at VHS Gym Apr. 7, 9 am – Noon and Apr. 18, 5 – 7 pm    


2. Review of Minutes: Feb 14, 2018

MOTION: Approval of Minutes as written.  M/S/C

3. Land Use Committee

Chair David Maxwell indicated a meeting April 4 will be well publicized leading to a wide open discussion on the establishment of a new official (Fernwood) neighbourhood plan.

He noted the Committee’s terms of reference are separate and apart from safety issues as the issue of unsafe intersections arose and what can be done..

4. Announcements /Executive Report –No Report

Reminder– VCAN (Victoria Community Association Network) meeting is Wed. March 21 at City Hall 5:30-7:30 pm in the Songhees Room.

5. City Councillor’s Report:

Charlayne Thornton-Joe spoke to a number of City Council matters

  1. MY Place-BC  Housing to request My Place be kept open until the end of June. Councillor reported there are generally harmonious relations between My Pl. residents and neighbours over reoccurring issues regarding smoking lighting.
  2. Main (Yates St) Fire Hall –Announcement is due Monday March 19 on the future of the Fire Hall given it  needs to be seismically upgraded. Repair or replace is the issue.
  3. Official Survey on Homelessness – getting underway next week in Victoria and 50 cities across Canada. The idea is to understand causes of homelessness, where they are from and what needs their needs are.
  4. Goward Park – hedges removed but will be replaced with more suitable plant species

6. City Hall Liaison Report:

 Mike Hill spoke to the City sponsored inaugural Great Neighbourhood Block Party at the Da Vinci Centre. Attendees were introduced to activities opportunities and projects on how to build community in part through neighbourhood/block party grants. FCA Board members Dorothy and Laurie were in attendance

The subject of traffic calming devices for certain intersections  came up

7. Committee Reports:

     1. Building:

Printed report presented available at FCA Office.

     Highlights: Building electrical maintenance work ongoing

Victoria funded Butterfly project s pollinator spaces being assembled with assistance from FCA staff

A new season for allotment gardeners at Chambers St and Garden City underway with improvements scheduled.

     2. Cultural:

Belfry Theatre’ is renting Paul Phillip’s Hall Mar 15-24 for workshops as part of the Spark Festival

Tony Sprackett’s Photo Exhibit in the Little Fernwood Gallery is open to the end of March

Theatre Inconnu presents Tenant Haymovitch May 1-19th

     3. Communications: No report

8. Treasurer’s Report: Printed report submitted . See FCA Office

9. Office Report: Printed Report submitted

10. Old Business: No report

11. New Business:

 Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled tentatively for Monday May 28.

Agenda and notification will follow.

Director’s statuses as follows:

Directors with one year term to serve: Tony Sprackett, Luranah Polson, Joanne Murray, Dorothy Field, Clayton Jevne, and Kristin Atwood

Directors up for election (if standing) Stephanie Hill , Laurie Rubin, Carlos Flores, Richard Olafson, Kalen Harris

Renewal of Fernwood Square:

FCA Secretary Laurie Rubin is tasked with approaching Lee Herrin ED of FernwoodNRG for the purpose of establishing a joint committee to look into the renewal of Fernwood Sq.

(Lee has agreed to meet near the end of March)

Adjournment: 8:50 pm

Next Meeting: Wed April 11 in the Boardroom








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