Board Minutes, May 11, 2016

Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors Meeting May 11, 2016


 IN ATTENDANCE: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Dorothy Field, Richard Olafson, Carol Sokolof, Councillor Charlayne, Mike Hill, Julian Cervello, Naomi Simpson

 REGRETS: Carlos Flores, Alison Slater, Laurie Rubin, Clayton Jevne, Stephanie Hill

1. Review of Agenda-

Daylighting project added under new business.

Motion: to accept the agenda seconded and carried.

2.Review of Minutes:

Richard Olafson’s name was misspelt and corrected.  Motion to accept minutes were Seconded and carried.

3.Announcements/Executive Report

Councillor Charlayne reported that 1921-3 Fernwood Rd. is in fact already listed as a City Facility, rendering the motion to designate it as one irrelevant. She continued to report that City Hall acknowledged the FCA was neither Community, nor Seniors Center, and that this would “at worst” appear as an annotation on an upcoming Community Financial Report. The FCA requested this assurance in writing, and stated that it would object to being included in a Community Report.

 4.Presidents Report

 Community meetings about the effects of Myplace on the surrounding neighbourhood have been unexpectedly positive. It appears that the new homeless shelter has forced problems to be dealt with, making the neighbourhood safer than before.

Noise and smoking complaints have been the greatest cause of tension between Myplace and their neighbours, and these have been largely dealt with by implementation of new house rules.

Students from the neighbouring school served MyPlace Residents hotdogs, chocolate, and ice cream.

Because Myplace is short of staff, most of the doors in the building are kept locked, due to security concerns. Upgrades and maintenance to the building require municipal approval.

Sixteen persons so far, previously living in Parks or Tent City, have now been housed through MyPlace.

Council has voted to support MyPlace until September 30. It may be that the Fire Hall will have to be moved there.  The City is waiting upon proposals regarding the Fire Hall. It might need rebuilding, and/or need to be moved, perhaps to what is now the Boys and Girls Club.

VCAN Meeting: A letter will be forthcoming, requesting better engagement from the City in general, which the FCA will be asked to sign. The James Bay Community Association expressed discontent at being out of the loop regarding Biketoria.

5.Land use

No land use Issues, Meeting, or Report thereof.

6.City Councillor’s report

 A new bylaw has been approved, which bans overnight camping in Pocket Parks. If supported at its final reading on May 26, signs will go up on the 27th.

 Neighbours of Robert Kimpton Owned Property (1349 Grant Street) are petitioning for a Property Maintenance Bylaw Increase.

Volunteers from the Baptist Church gardened at Springridge Commons over last weekend.

7.City Hall Liason Report

Bike Lanes will be built this summer on Pandora between Store and Cook Street. More consultation with neighbourhood groups is required before bike lane route can be extended on Pandora between Cook St. and Packington.

Thursday, May 26h from 6:30-8:30 at the JBCA a meeting is scheduled to encourage voluntary registration of James Bay and Fernwood properties for heritage designation.  An additional 50 buildings are to be added to the registry.

A strategic grant programme meeting was held on April 27th. The grant will be for Placemaking activities that add a tangible element to the community. The grant is for small initiatives and may be applied to only through societies.

8.Committee Reports

  • Building

Paul Van Goozen Reports that The FCA shall purchase a ravelling projector screen for use in the hall, ahead of buying a new projector.

  •  Cultural

Richard Olafson reports on Theatre Inconnu’s A Lie of the Mind, and the Fernwood Art Stroll , June 11-12

  • Communications:

AGM notice, May 30: not received. Sent the day before last.

  • Safety

Now under Land Use and there was no land use meeting.

9.Treasurer’s Report


10.Office Report

Naomi reported on the Hidden City being produced in the Hall by Scrumpy Theatre, and on the wedding party that was not reimbursed its $100 damage deposit for clean-up reasons.

11.Old Business:

The Logo committee is not satisfied with any of the graphic submissions and are considering other options.

12.New Business:

Motion: That the FCA allocate $250 to the Rock Bay Creek Revival project, for seed money.

Motion Seconded & Carried

 There was an inconclusive discussion about buying a table at Fernfest (June 18-19)

There have been thefts in the Fernwood Community Garden. A bird bath was stolen, and also some produce.

13.Adjournment : 8:34pm

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