Board Minutes May 13 2015

Minutes of Fernwood Community Association Board Meeting May 13 2015
Present: Tony, Joanne, Clayton, Paul, Laurie, Dorothy, Richard, Bill, and Robbie (notes).

[Regrets: Cam, John, Carol, Carlos and Naomi. Absent: Stephanie.] City Council Liaison: Charlayne Thornton-Joe. Guests: Frances and Dita von Aesch.

1. CALL TO ORDER – Meeting called to order at 7:35pm by President Tony Sprackett.
2. Guest speakers: Frances and Dita, Victoria Wood Studio, have begun work on a “Fernwood Owl Project”, to encourage the placement of owl houses on poles around the neighbourhood. Owls are seen as useful, in part because they prey on rodents. The possibility of acquiring grants to support this project will be examined, with help from Joanne, and a comprehensive proposal will be brought back to us in June.
3. MOTION – To accept the minutes of April 8 2015 (Robbie / Paul). Carried.
4. President’s report:
a) In response to Community Associations Network activism, the City is establishing a “neighbourhood division”.
b) A design workshop for North Park Village will be held at 5:30pm on May 28 at First Metropolitan Church, 932 Balmoral Road.
5. City Council: Charlayne briefly discussed land use, marijuana regulation, and homelessness issues. A new 34-unit affordable housing project is opening in Esquimalt.
6. Building: Paul reported that the Hall signage is now installed. Tony stated that the written poster about the contributions of the late Paul Phillips has now been completed.
7. Cultural committee: Clayton reported that the Theatre Inconnu play “Cock” is doing well, and will run until May 23. Paul discussed the possible addition of another day to Pandora Arts Collective’s program of studio hours in the Hall.
8. Annual General Meeting:
a) Our AGM will be held on Thursday June 18 at 7pm.
b) Ongoing Directors with one year remaining on their terms are Carlos, John, Richard, Laurie, Carol, Paul,  Dorothy, and Stephanie. The terms of Tony, Joanne, Robbie, Clayton, Cam, and Bill are ending. Cam and Robbie  do not intend to run for re-election.
c) Tony will arrange for an experienced parliamentarian to run the election (David M?).
d) VicPD police chief Frank Elsner will be invited to be a guest speaker.
e) Carol will organize refreshments for this event.
9. MOTION – To approve up to $50 for the AGM refreshments (Dorothy / Paul). Carried.
10. Discussion: Laurie gave notice of a motion to establish a “committee made up of community stakeholders to address the lack of after-school facilities, programs, and activities available to young people in the neighbourhood”. He feels there is currently a gap in services to young people, and that existing agencies could work together on this problem.
11. Discussion: Dorothy spoke about a recent meeting with a City official regarding the idea of “day-lighting” Rock Creek. Due to finances and logistics, the feeling is that day-lighting will be a longer-term project, but that signage identifying the route of Rock Creek may be considered in the short-term.
12. Announcement: The weekly market at the High School plaza will begin Friday, May 29.
13. ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

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