Board Minutes Nov 9, 2016

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Stephanie Hill, Laurie Rubin, Paul Van Goozen, Carlos Flores, Dorothy Field, Carol Sokoloff, Richard Olafson, Clayton Jevne

FCA Staff: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello

City of Victoria: City Liaison Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe, City Downtown Coordinator Mike Hill

GUESTS: Kalen Harris, Provincial Green Party Nominee for Victoria Beacon Hill

REGRETS: Bill McKechnie, Luranah Polson


 1. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of…M/S/C

2. Review of Minutes: Oct 12, 2016

Amendments: Under Great Neighbourhood Grants

Change to read grant approved for signage for Harris Pond and “daylighting” of 3 parks, Alexander, Blackwood and Wark

Add overhead lighting in Gladstone Mall sponsored by the Belfry Theatre and Picot Collective Gallery

Under 8c)   Communications Report it should read Ad Hoc Committee waiting for final Logo design

MOTION: Approval  with amendments. M/S/C

 3. Announcements/Executive Report:

We have been alerted to the possibility that a recommendation from City staff may be forthcoming that CALUC- Community Association of Land Use Committees disband. David Maxwell, FCA Land Use Chair, is working on a Terms of Reference for our committee.. It is expected that some standards will be required to ensure the legitimacy of the various CALUCS in Victoria.

FCA supported a $1200 budget request to City of Victoria Community Association Network (VCAN), for operating costs for the coming year.

FCA has already endorsed a letter of support for supervised consumption site(s) in Victoria to address (in part) drug overdoses in Victoria. Island Health is taking the lead role in this matter. The Board stipulated at this meeting that before potential sites are identified that meaningful consultation with neighbours must occur.

Representative from the FCA will attend City sponsored wayfinding workshop Nov 30 6 -8 pm at the McPherson Playhouse. In addition to the downtown component of the project the intention is to create an improved comprehensive coherent system for neighbourhood associations when it comes to signage promoting neighbourhood walking tours, sites of interest and the like. See link to Visual Victoria website

 4. Land Use Report: Most recent meeting was cancelled due to no agenda. It was noted that the former Safety Committee functions now fall under land Use.

 5. City Councillor’s Report:

See page 1 under 2035 Stanley Development Application, new web app Connect Victoria, Community AND Seniors Centre Annual Report, pg 2, 2017 Budget..

Charlayne emphasized value of Connect Victoria to residents in accessing (and providing public input) City Events, jobs, right down to reporting potholes. Connect Victoria site still being refined.

Charlayne confirmed mulch will be delivered by City Staff to City leased community gardens at a cost of $6,000 yearly for City. City staff have been requested to line paint parking spaces at rear of the FCA.

Charlayne confirmed that the FCA is exempt from City Facilities Report requirements .

 6. City Hall Liaison Report  

City Downtown Coordinator Mike Hill presented highlights from his monthly Fernwood Report.

  1.  Citizens are encouraged to participate in helping prioritize the City’s Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan .Workshop on topic scheduled for Sat Nov 19 1-3 pm at the McPherson Playhouse. RSVP to On line survey deadline Dec 5.
  2. 2017 Budget
  3. Citizens can provide feedback culminating Dec 1 in E-Town Hall
  4. Garden Suites Feedback requested from FCA’s Land use Committee.
  5. Visual Victoria: downtown Public Realm and Wayfinding Strategy
  6. First phase underway. Citizens  can learn more about public project by either attending the next public session Nov 30 6-8:30 p.m. at McPherson Playhouse or attending every Thursday at City Studio 742 Johnson St 3:30-5 p.m. Or make an appointment.
  7. Pg 3 Short Term Vacation Rentals – City developing policy for January. How can it impact vacancy rates?  Citizen input welcome.

7. Committee Reports


  1. Carlos Flores updated Board members on material costs associated with volunteer work to be completed re painting and installation of building handrails and replacement of fencing. The board expressed appreciation for his work.
  2. Plan to secure side pathway and rear of building ramp discussed. Building’s boiler and thermostat functioning after maintenance conducted.
  3. Projection screen being well used.
  4. In house projector t along with inexpensive laptop will be acquired
  5. Piano tuned and in use for current play Alice’s Gift


  1. Clayton Jevne. reported on attendance and revenue figures reached by Theatre Inconnu’s last play The Mating Dance of the Werewolf.
  2. Rehearsals underway for Shockheaded Peter Nov 29-Dec 17


Paul Van Goozen presented final FCA Logo design. Final refinements agreed to.

Carlos F. offered to produce a banner.

8. Treasurer’s Report Copies of financial statements distributed to Board

9. Office Report distributed to Board.

Naomi S. reported rental of facilities going well Current production of Alice’s Gift is sold out.

Occasional campers sleeping in vestibule, passageways, and under ramp are being dissuaded.

10. Old Business none

11. New Business none

12.  Adjournment 8:45 p.m.

Next Board meeting Wed Dec 14

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