Board Minutes November 18, 2015

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Wed Nov 18 2015 7:30pm

Present: Tony S., Joanne M., Laurie R., Carol S., Richard O., Carlos F., Dorothy F., Bill M.

Regrets: Clayton J., Stephanie H.

City of Victoria Council Liaison: Charlayne T-J

Office Staff: Naomi and Julian

CALL TO ORDER 7:35 PM Pres Tony Sprackett presiding

Guests: Kristina Leach and Graeme Verhulst of the Community Micro Housing Society

Presented on Community Micro Housing. Presenters requested that FCA keep in mind need for property that might be suited for placement of micro-housing project(s).

Agenda approved as amended

Minutes of June 10 and Sept 9 Board meetings approved as amended


 FCA endorses Motion that “Cook St between Pandora and Caledonia be a 40 km zone”. It is currently a 50 km zone. (M/S/C)

 FCA endorses Motion that “Victoria Intercultural Association be offered one Chambers garden allotment space for one year”. Garden spaces generally reserved for individual residents as opposed to groups but exception made so that immigrant and refugees can take part in this community initiative. (M/S/C)

 FCA supports Friends of Crystal Pool request that the City proceed with the “Crystal Pool Refurbishment (not replacement) as is” (M/S/C)

This motion, also supported by North Park Community Association, will be presented for consideration to a Nov 19 a meeting of City‘s Governance and Priorities Committee by The Board’s Council liaison Officer Charlayne Thorton-Joe

At issue is the future of Crystal Pool, its purpose, in other words its footprint

Recommended seismic upgrades were not considered.

An associated issue …whether or not $ 150,000 should be spent on conducting a feasibility study first.


 President reported on VCAN’S current focus as it impacts FCA and Fernwood

President made board aware of a new community development network (includes FNRG, Quadra, Cridge Center, Oaklands, Fairfield, so far) that wants to list all facilities delivering programs and services. Board will be kept informed on its progress.

President referred to a radio show (CFAX 1070 Nov 17 noon) that he and David Maxwell (Land Use Committee) attended and where pertinent issues to Fernwood were discussed. An on line link is available.

V-P noted changes to eligibility for City arts grants that are due by Dec 10. Board members should contact her ASAP with their reservations although grant applications were distributed to Board members Oct 25.

 V-P noted BC Transit’s intention to reduce the number of bus stops offered on Bus Route #22 (Fernwood Rd). Board and community objections and recommendations should be pursued ASAP. Joanne and Tony will press for details.

 V-P noted that the volunteer coordination and upkeep of Springridge Common (currently leased to FernwoodNRG) is up for discussion.

Lee Herrin of FNRG has mused about Springridge Common become revenue generating (perma culture demos, etc.) In any case FCA and members of the public are encouraged to submit proposals on its future operation.


No report

 Report to FCA Board from City Council Liaison, Charlayne Thorton-Joe:

 Garden allotment grants

$500 Blvd grants are available to groups as opposed to individuals. A new City Imitative if there is interest.

 Medical Marijuana

Dispensaries (23 in Victoria (presently 24 Starbucks …will be regulated by City Council with a view to federal gov’t legislation pending. Council intends to keep in forefront children’s safety ( how close they can set up to schools daycares etc) as well as range and labelling of products they can offer. City will levy $4,000-$5,000 fees. These and related issues are all issues up for discussion at a Council meeting Nov 19.


Council intends to exclude overnight camping in parks of a certain size such as Hagert and Kings parks while camping generally would be allowed 7pm to 9 am as opposed to current 7 am

Extra indoor housing will now be available with more coming on line during extreme weather situations.

Downtown law courts green space now being monitored with respect to overnight camping


 Naomi and Jullian reported that Board room is being rented out on a regular basis. Bldg meters s updated. Annual fire inspection carried out. No identified current problems.

 Community Mapping and Streams Report

Dorothy F reported on progress of the project. Pages soon to be published on FCA website , along with ability to sign up for an email list on these topics

Meanwhile mappers met with Parks and Rec to coordinate and identify areas to be redeveloped for public

Please note a volunteer coordinator is being sought



Carlos F reported painting of upstairs will commence for 2 weeks beginning Dec 15 Volunteers are requested!

Dead pigeons removed from gutters

FCA Bldg. valued at $2,000,400.00

Former Administrator Graham MacDonald thanked for assisting in evaluation.


No Report

Treasurer’s Report

Written report received, any questions go to Treasurer

 Logo Contest

Discussion deferred

Cultural Report

 Theatre Inconnu

Richard O reported Theatre Inconnu’s new play Spit Delaney’s Island by Jack Hodgins adapted by Charles Tidler will open Dec 1-19th. Tickets can be purchased via Theatre Inconnu at   250 3609 0234 or via Ticket Rocket 3650 6091

 Playwright’s Cabaret

7 playwrights reading 7 new play selections at the Belfry (Studio Theatre) Nov 29 sponsored by Richard’s Ekstasis Productions .By donation . Board is invited to attend and spread the word.






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