Board Minutes September 2017

Fernwood Community Association  Board of Directors Meeting September 13, 2017

PRESENT: Tony Sprackett, Joanne Murray, Luranah Polson, Bill McKechnie, Clayton Jevne, Richard Olafson, Carol Sokoloff,

FCA STAFF: Naomi Simpson, Julian Cervello

CITY of VICTORIA: Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Michael Hill

GUESTS: Kalen Harris, Victoria Emberly

REGRETS: Stephanie Hill, Laurie Rubin, Dorothy Field, Kristin Atwood, Carlos Flores

CALL TO ORDER: 7:10 pm Quorum established

1. Review of Agenda:

MOTION: Approval of Agenda as written

New Agenda Item added: “The Butterfly Highway Proposal”

With this addition, a motion to accept the agenda S/C

2. Review of Minutes

MOTION:  Approval of June Minutes as written. S/C

3. Guest Presentation: Victoria Emberly presented on behalf of the David Suzuki Butterfly Rangers, who provide pollinator kits for local mason bee population to participating green spaces.  They are interested in cultivating a partnership with the FCA to apply for a neighbourhood project grant, due on October 15, and also through the participation of FCA allotment gardens in the pollinator program. These pollinator kits would be made ready by the spring of 2018 and planted by 22 butterfly ranger volunteers in various green spaces throughout the city. The FCA board is comfortable with the concept, but would like to see more structure since the FCA would be responsible for overseeing the project if it does endorse the butterfly rangers. The board decided to discuss the proposition again in October, after a budget has been presented.

4. Announcements/Executive Report:

Next VCAN meeting – Sept. 20th

Vining Street Party on the Plaza – successful

Motion to congratulate Laurie Rubin S/C

5. Land Use:  Land use is on a separate email list from the FCA email list.

6. City Councillor’s Report:

The provincial govt formally apologized to the Chinese community of Victoria for wrongdoings.

Chambers and Johnson development has been approved.

Increased camping issues in the last several weeks. Parks bylaw may need to be changed in order to make sure campers are packing up their belongings in the a.m. Right now campers are leaving their things.

The fire hall is now vacant. The city is considering making it a shelter again but no plans for this winter as of yet.

The FCA’s position is there would need to be community consultation.

The Mayor has met with new deputy premier. The new government is aware of housing issues. The province is looking for affordable housing outside Victoria but within the CRD.

Island Health is discussing reopening Riverview Hospital in Burnaby.

Meeting regarding Pembroke Street sobering center: The block committee is adept at voicing their concerns. Less sharps being found but an increase in crack cocaine consumption.

Five applications for Cannabis Dispensaries have been approved. No applications have been received from the Fernwood neighbourhood.

7. City Hall Liaison Report: Mike Hill presented his report, which is posted to FCA Website

Highlights: Sunset market in Fernwood (Oaklands with FNRG) was successful.

Cook St/North Park Village project: Trees planted.

Walk On Victoria: is an initiative to make neighbourhoods more pedestrian focused. They will be invited to present at next months board meeting.

8. Committee Reports:

Building Committee: Written report submitted. Highlights: floors in office, gallery, and hall stripped and waxed. New carpets upstairs replaced.

Cultural Committee: Theatre Inconnu presenting Good Soilder Shwiek Sept 27-October 14. David Jure presented a program in August that was assisted technically by Clayton and Theatre Inconnu volunteer. The show saw an attendance of approx. 3

Communications Committee: Tony reports computer has been cleaned and is running more efficiently. New keyboard was purchased.

9. Treasurer’s Report: Printed report available

10. Office Report: Printed report available. Highlights: Both gardens are running at full capacity and small upgrades and improvements have been made. Staff continues to work closely with Claude Moreau and the Fernwood Community Garden coordinating group.

Julian and Naomi were pleased to engage with the community who dropped by the FCA booth at the Vining Street Party on the plaza event last weekend.

11. New Business: Motion to appoint Kalen Harris to the board. S/C

12. Adjournment: 9:07 pm

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