Board Minutes September 9, 2015

Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors monthly meeting

September 9, 2015 – 7:30pm

Present:     Tony Sprackett, President, Chair; Joanne Murray, Vice President; Carlos Flores,                             Dorothy Field, Richard Olafson, Laurie Rubin, Paul van Goozen, Bill McKechnie

Recorder: Carlos Flores


Regrets: Stephanie, Clayton, Carol, John, Robbie, Charlayne [City Council], Naomi [Admin]

1) Call to Order & Attendance

Tony, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:40pm.

2)Adoption of Minutes

Correction: Item #3 – where it says “Joanne” , change to “FCA”
July minutes reviewed and were approved as amended   M/S/C

June meeting has not been approved

Adoption of agenda M/S/C

3)Public presentation

Allan Gallup , Land Use Chair, North Park Neighborhood Association explained the Association’s opposing the development at St Andrew’s School Property by Blue Sky/Bosa Properties [Vancouver and Mason],. This project doesn’t meet the community standards. The main objections are: “big box store” appearance, traffic concerns, not enough affordable units, interrupts bike path, no environmental mitigations, impact nearby urban farm. Business is in favour of it.

Sept 17 is the next public hearing at City Hall, 7:30pm, limited space. More information at

Questions and comments ensued by those in attendance

4)President’s Report

Tony will be attending the Sept 15 drop-in visioning session, 3:00pm – 8:00pm. City will be presenting their views and funding requirements for the village concept at North Park

Garden grant split

Inaccurate comments were made at Council meeting by Councilor Issit regarding the supposed animosity between the FCA and the FCC. The presidents of both associations are jointly attending a Council meeting to clarify the existing friendly relations between the community associations.

E-mail problems: Old domain address was not forwarding messages to new e-mail address. Repairs underway.

Request by Green Party candidate: Mrs. Joan Roberts requested a meeting with the FCA Board. Request taken under advice, but declined. Board agreed to invite Mrs. Roberts, if she becomes elected the new MP for Victoria.

V-Can meeting: Take place on Sept 15, 2015 . David Maxwell, Joan and Tony to attend

Director stepping down from office: John Rooney has resigned his position as FCA director. Thanks to John for his dedication to the community.

Conflictive meeting times: Tony has sent a reminder about the existing conflict between the Land Use Committee and the FCA monthly Board meeting.

Proposed book box at community garden: Joanne is looking into installing a book box. Canvassing and consultation with gardeners is under way.

Riffalandia: Tony met with organizer. They are offering one non-transferable pass per person. Tony will canvass those who are interested in attending. Pass is for the Royal Athletic Park only.

5)Committee Reports


Holding brackets needed to install the wooden heritage handrails for 1923 Fernwood. Carlos donating time in December to complete the second floor painting and refurbishing.


Theatre Inconnu play for the first week of October “If we were birds”

Pandora Arts Collective: Looking for grants to fund a youth arts program; interviewing for an Administrator’s position to work on the grant application. Motion: to waive rental fees for 13 consecutive Mondays, from September to December at 3 hours every time, for a total of 39 hours. M/S/C

 Event announcement: Global reading of poetry in solidarity with Syrian refugees “100.000 poets for change” taking place on Sept.26, at 7:00pm at the Martin Bachelor Gallery on Cormorant St.


Fenwood mandala was a joint effort by the FCA and FNRG. City provided logistical support to block traffic and power wash the site. It was agreed to add a mandala and a mapping tab to the FCA website


The Good Neighbor Agreement Group will meet in October. It appears to be an increase in property crime around Pembroke and Ridge St.; police is aware of it. Tony will report back


No report

Office administrator

No report

It was noted that the hours of operation are not posted at office . Tony will follow up with Naomi and report back next meeting.

6) Old Business

There was a $6000 City grant available. FCA suggested that the funds be granted to FCC for the Springridge Common Garden. Upon review of the application and the presentation made by Joanne to Council the grant was split between the FCC and the FCA

Board retreat: Opinions varied on the meaning and usefulness of a retreat; however, it was confirmed for September 27, 2015 between 2pm-4pm to be followed by a subsequent Governance meeting.

FCA logo for web page has been approved

Sunday, September 13, a community parade to benefit “Learning Curve Society”, start at Vic High Tech Building

Motion to adjourn: 9:25pm

Next meeting: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted by Carlos Flores




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