FCA Auction In Support of Gift of Good Food Holiday Fundraiser

Team FCA of the Fernwood Community Association is raising $1000 for the Gift of Good Food Holiday fundraiser.

$500 will provide fresh vegetables and fruit for a family living below the poverty line for a year.

In support of this initiative we present an online Auction for you.

There are presently 40+ auction items. You can bid on items ranging from groceries , dining, yoga, theatre, art, books, to whimsical sculptures.

Please consider the alternative –Donate $$$ through https://thegoodfoodbox.ca/donate/fca-fundraising-team

Please see the list of items linked below.  If you wish to bid or have a question please contact vspop15@gmail.com with the item #, the bid amount and your telephone number.

The auction starts Dec. 13 and ends Dec. 17 at 6 pm.  The winners will then be contacted.  The spreadsheet will be updated for the bidders each day so they can up their bids if they wish.

This list of items donated reflects only the initial starting points.

You will find photos of the objects such as books and sculptures at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmwEuxRL

Thanks for your generous support of the Gift of Good Food fundraiser.


Laurie Rubin

President FCA

About the Author:

Vice-President, Fernwood Community Association